The Elevation Group Review (Brian Fouts)

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Brian Fouts says sixty-eight trillion dollars is up for grabs in the next year. He’s the CEO of The Elevation Group, which he claims is the largest online investment club in the world. You can get his new audiobook, The Bank of You, for free.

To do so, simply sign up for and sit through his entire masterclass where he’ll teach you how to copy what the super rich do. Is it worth your time? What’s the catch and how much will it cost? What are Brian’s qualifications? Read on for my Elevation Group review.


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Brian Fouts purchased The Elevation Group (EVG) from recovering multilevel marketer, Mike Dillard, a few years back. Apparently, Dillard got sued by the FTC for unknowingly bringing an actual scammer inside EVG to teach his supposed wealth building secrets.

Understandably, Dillard wanted to close that chapter of his life. So he sold the company to an up and coming real estate investor named Brian Fouts, along with Brian’s brother. And here we are.

Brian had watched his family and friends lose lots of money during the ’08 financial crisis. He saw the pain that they went through and the fear that followed. Meanwhile, he noticed that, during that same period, the rich only got richer.

He and his brother made it their mission to teach the middle class how to master money like the rich. They began traveling the world to learn from and partner with elite investors and entrepreneurs.

Insights are shared inside The Elevation Group, which now has more than fifty thousand members from over sixty different countries, making it the fastest-growing financial education firm in the world. Build a sturdy financial foundation immune to inflation, housing bubbles, sudden stock market collapses, taxes, dangerous policy changes, lawsuits, and other financial predators. Create cash flow from assets like rental properties, small businesses, oil wells, and everything in between. EVG can help.

Do you wish you knew how to invest in assets such as billboards, storage units, and apartment complexes that spit out cash each and every month? Would you like to know how to launch a seven figure business? Or start your own family bank? Or set up an offshore trust?

How about retiring one hundred percent tax-free? Then join The Elevation Group. They’ll teach you how to turn your active income into passive income and enjoy true financial freedom. They’ll connect you with other movers and shakers.

The Elevation Group sells a handful of digital education programs. The Black Box Billionaire teaches you how the rich invest and costs twenty-five hundred bucks. Elevation Banking tells you how to boost wealth in any economy and costs a grand.

EVG Real Estate Success Coaching gets you six months of one-on-one coaching to help you make money in real estate. And the EVG Crypto Course will show you how to cash-in on cryptocurrencies for a one time fee of five hundred dollars.

Not a fan of how these guys market. Too much hype, fake scarcity, and other guru-y tactics. Just be straight up with people. More like The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor program. “Here’s what we offer. He’s our track record. Here are the terms.

Here’s what members are saying. Take it or leave it.” Ya know? Brian Fouts seems like a decent enough guy and I’m sure there’s value to be had inside EVG, but definitely not my bag. I’ll stick to renting out small, simple websites to local businesses.

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