Chris Voss’ The Art Of Negotiation Review (MasterClass)

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You’ve probably seen Chris Voss while watching YouTube videos. It’s hard to miss him since MasterClass is spending millions of dollars just to advertise his course, The Art Of Negotiation.

“Everything in life is a negotiation. When you cross the street, it’s a negotiation. Getting your coffee at Starbucks is a negotiation.

You’re probably in three to seven negotiations every single day,” Chris said. 

So here’s the battle cry of his program: changing the way you negotiate can change your life dramatically.


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The following are the qualifications that make Chris Voss competent to teach you about negotiating. He served as the FBI’s top international kidnapping negotiator for most of his tenure. 

“My role as a hostage negotiator was to connect authentically with the victim, the victim’s family, and with the hostage-taker,” Chris said.

“Everybody really deserves to have somebody hear what they have to say.”

So what does Chris Voss teach in his MasterClass, and how does he do it? He claims that you will be given access to all of the methods and tactics he developed while working as one of the world’s best hostage negotiators.

“You’re gonna learn everything from bargaining, to reading body language, to the neuroscience that you can use to literally bend people’s reality,” Chris explained.

He continued: “You know, negotiation is letting other people have your way. So mirroring creates the opportunity for them actually to present you with your deal, only they thought it was their idea. It’s just a simple repetition of the last one to three words of what somebody said. People love to be mirrored. They love to be encouraged to go on.”

After everything is said and done, this specific Chris Voss MasterClass will provide you with a set of abilities that you can use daily to enhance your quality of life. And if you believe that this is all about manipulating people or pushing the other party to “lose” for you to “win,” Chris advises you to reconsider your assumptions. 

This isn’t the case at all. In reality, successful negotiating is a result of successful teamwork. Thus, you’re learning how to collaborate with others.

It doesn’t matter how wonderful your life is right now; there is always room for improvement. The Art Of Negotiation MasterClass taught by Chris Voss may assist you in your endeavor. 

Approximately three hours and 40 minutes of class information is delivered via 18 video courses in total. You should be a MasterClass member to view its content. 

The fee is $180 per year for this service. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it. Aside from the culinary workshops, subscribers get access to more than 100 additional seminars on various subjects like leadership, photography, writing, and more.

When it comes to reviews, most are good. People have said that Chris Voss is not just a negotiation expert but also a good instructor, which is essential. 

Just because you are knowledgeable about something does not imply that you will be an excellent mentor. His supporters have said that his courses are exciting, simple to learn, memorable, and action-oriented.

A common issue I heard from MasterClass members who had attended Chris’ course was that it seemed like a watered-down version of his book, Never Split The Difference. Additionally, numerous Reddit users expressed their dissatisfaction with Chris’ MasterClass, claiming that the pretend discussions were too rehearsed and not very realistic.

MasterClass is doing some great things, and I appreciate what they are doing. They’ve made it possible for practically anybody, everywhere to obtain insight from real experts of their respective fields in an accessible and inexpensive manner. 

For $180, I don’t see any reason how you could go wrong. You can’t learn anything unless you spend all of your time jumping from one MasterClass to the next, never truly putting what you’ve learned into practice

So make a commitment to me that you’ll follow through. Okay?

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