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Who would have thought that recycling wooden pallets can become a business. That’s what middle man money maker John Charles Walker does by making The Simplest Biz that has been operating for the past 23 years. 

You may think that it is an awful job, but there are 2.5 billion pallets in use in the United States, can be found at Costco, the grocery store, even on trucks driving down the highway and believe it or not John gets 95 percent of his pallets for free. 

It is not for lifting or storing but John locates companies that require them to ship their products and become a  broker. What a wise man!


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When you think about it, the entire world runs on pallets. But, indeed, why are pallets used? Pallets transport 85 percent of all trade. It is a demand and keeps happening. Pallet orders are placed every week and for John was lucky to stumble upon this model.

Can you believe that almost everything in the room you’re in today was probably previously on a pallet. Furthermore, it is a straightforward business that has nothing to do with the internet, with, Once again, no storage. Pallets are delivered directly from the supplier to the buyer.

From point A to point B. There is no need to store the pallets in between, saving money. Pallets come in a variety of sizes and types that you can use. You will occasionally work with mixed loads. And it doesn’t require any staff.

None of this complicated technological jargon. Income has increased. “I multiply myself in a manner where I’m getting paid not for my time, but how many of these units I can move in a couple hours,” John explains.

Believe it or not John bought a truck seven years ago for $3,600 for this business. And his advice was if you want to get started, you may rent a car. Consider the internet right now. Everyone does their purchasing online.

So why is he telling you this? Why not take advantage of this under-the-radar opportunity for himself? Not just Amazon customers, but also business-to-business, raw materials, and so on.  Everything is transported on pallets. The world would not move if it did not exist.

Couldn’t you figure it out on your own? Maybe, says John. But it will take you a while. That’s how long it took him when he first began twenty-three years ago. He needed to figure out who these companies are, their needs, what questions to ask, which problems to solve, what their pain point is, how to set up the deal, and how to make it so that everyone wins.

I’m going to have to walk you through all of those scenarios, he says. And he’s delighted to do it, even if you’re in another nation.

Potential is  increasing. Growth is exponential, and it is massive. This is why John is eager to reveal his secrets to you.  However, it will not fall into your lap. You must still complete the work.

“The thing about this business that I’ve always loved, growing it for myself over all these years, is I can execute a few orders in the morning and I’m done by, you know, ten, eleven o’clock. Sometimes nine. Sometimes I’m on the golf course by nine.”

Consider transferring 250 pallets at the cost of $5.00 per pallet. That’s a total of twelve hundred and fifty dollars. That’s not bad for a morning’s work. There is no need to clock in and no making someone else wealthy. If you want to make it even more passive, you can broker the transactions. Don’t try to move them yourself. The name of John’s training course is The Simplest Biz.

The typical cost is $2,797. Occasionally, John will run promotions and sell them for $1,997.

It can guarantee your money back!

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