David & Patricia Carlin’s Residual Payments Review

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Patricia and David Carlin built Residual Payments. According to the power couple, they were tired of people wondering about their career after watching them travel the world, golf, ski, and generally never doing heavy work, so they devised a program to teach others how to profit from the digital payments revolution.

But before jumping in, it’s best to assess the program first. 

Is this just another too good to be true offer? Or is it a legit opportunity? Keep reading for my full review of the program..


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Digital payments, a little-known business to the commoners, has allowed David and Patricia to quietly establish a passive income empire over the past 15 years. How does it work? The couple assists e-commerce stores, small business owners, and even big corporations in setting up credit card processing services. As a result, they earn pennies on every dollar their customers spend. It’s not hard to see how the tiniest expenses can quickly build up.

A question popped into my head while watching Patricia’s YouTube advertisement: “Yeah, but aren’t businesses already got credit card processors?” Business owners can always switch processors if a better deal comes along in a lower interest rate or a lower monthly payment. 

Can’t help myself to think that they only want to entice you with the idea of traveling the world while making passive income, then be drawn to the training program only to find out that it isn’t what you wished for.

Alright, let me further elaborate… I just shared what came to my mind at that time, but never will I close the door for a chance of building a fortune

So, let’s say you’re the broker. You have to match businesses with the best credit card processor and take a slice of their sales for the life of the account. After everything is in place, you’ll get paid every month until they go out of business or switch to another option. 

Wait. “Aren’t they a good-looking couple? Do you use lifestyle marketing? What do you mean, “hands-free money”? Isn’t this a scam? At first, I thought so. But, after going over everything, I have to say that Residual Payments appears to be legit.

Time to discuss the offer!

David and Patricia market a mini-course under the Residual Payments brand. They named it Digital Payments Revolution, where members will view a series of videos to discover their three-step technique for earning residual money from credit card payments. 

It’s the same principles and tactics they employ to earn a whopping six figures every month! You will also be invited to a private Facebook group to ask questions and receive help.

And what about the price? 

The cost of the Digital Payments Revolution is about $37. You may add a Residual Income Multiplier video tutorial and spreadsheet to your order for an additional $17. You are protected by a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. My hunch is that they’ll have a succession of increasingly expensive upsells once you join. Too many times have I seen that before! 

I can say they got some pretty positive feedback online, primarily about how engaging the couple is! And, if you check YouTube, you’ll find that both David and Patricia have appeared on some podcasts. Their aura makes you feel like they’re trustworthy and down-to-earth gurus.

Everything about Residual Payments makes sense to me, I personally think that it’s a tried-and-true method. The Carlins actually walk the talk. Their beginning program is both low-cost and risk-free. And I didn’t notice any red flags or shady approaches in their marketing… it’s just that no way building wealth happens while sleeping on your laptop. I believe it will be a grind until you get those first few wins under your belt.

Think about this…

Why would a business owner put their trust in you? Have you recently helped any companies? Aren’t they already got processor staff? Why would they trust a stranger with no social proof? Click here to learn how we overcame this in our business.

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