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It is possible, according to Roland Frasier, to quickly generate additional revenue streams, which will ultimately enable you to build the company and life that you really want. How? He’s made the decision to purchase them, which is precisely what he did.

For tens of thousands of dollars, he has acquired businesses worth millions of dollars, and he has even purchased a company with revenues in excess of three billion dollars.

He claimed that he never had to use personal credit or his own money to do it. Doubtful? My full Scalable review is further down the page.


Hey, I'm Joshua T. Osborne

In 2015, I said goodbye to 16-hour days and hauling boxes up and down stairs for a living (I was a mover). I became a full-time entrepreneur, and I made my money by helping business owners make money.

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For most folks, a college degree is the biggest bill of their lives. I never went to college. So I don’t have any massive bills or giant debts hanging over my head. My greatest education came from Virtual Tool Booths. (for a tiny fraction of what college costs) and it’s the bill that pays ALL the bills - a hundred times over!

I really wanted to share this secret weapon with others, so they could change their lives the way I changed mine. So if you’re not 100% sure about college, or only researching to make someone else happy, Virtual Tool Booths. might be a better option for you.

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Roland says, “I know how to find great businesses of any size. I approach the owners, I make them a good offer, and then I use a variety of payment structures to make the purchase, so I never have to put up the money myself. And now I’m taking everything that I’ve learned in my thirty-year career, and I’m empowering entrepreneurs everywhere with strategies and tactics to build generational wealth.

Throughout my career, I’ve been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Money, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, Fast company, and more.”

“I’ve even had six different companies listed on the Inc. Fastest-Growing Company list,” he goes on. “But it hasn’t always been this way. I started my career as an attorney. I was just focused on putting enough money in my pocket to provide for my family. And I watched as deal after deal hit my desk, and I would draft up the M&A (mergers and acquisitions) contracts, and I’d get paid an hourly fee, but the companies were closing million and billion-dollar deals.

Plus, the owners and CEOs buying them were literally putting cash in their pocket on each deal.”

In any case, Roland had no doubts about the fact that he had to become engaged. A part of him was drawn in by the thought. His investigation into the transactions continued after that, as he attempted to determine how they were put together and why some were successful while others were not.

As soon as he had a structure and a strategy in place, he was ready to start the game. I think it’s time he got serious about accumulating his wealth. For those tired of toiling away for such little reward, Roland proposes seeking out a company that you believe you can assist, giving them an attractive offer to improve their bottom line, and asking for equity in exchange.

Following that, you’d follow through on your commitment, put those growth ideas into reality, increase firm profits, and begin collecting payments from customers. If Roland could help you with any of these, would it be of interest to you?

That is exactly why was founded. So that he can teach you his five-step EPIC (Ethical Profits in Crisis) investing approach, which includes the same investment ideas and instruments that Silicon Valley insiders and the 0.01 percent elite are using to build money right now. Yes, this is a fantastic time to get things going.

Throughout his career, Roland has been refining the things that work, not just what you read on the internet or hear on news broadcasts, but the tried-and-true ideas and techniques that he has been utilizing to achieve this at the highest level, again and over and over.

Do you believe you’re not capable? Roland responds, “You’re wrong.” This is something that anyone can do. Yes, even you, due to his “GPS system for closing a deal.” Actually, having or buying a business isn’t as tough as you would imagine, and you don’t need to be extremely wealthy or well-connected to do it.

Always keep in mind that the market is now oversaturated, so proceed with extreme caution. This year, more than three-quarters of a million firms want to sell, but they will be unable to do so because they have not been successful in finding a buyer. So stop making excuses, join Roland’s team, and find out how to become one of those purchasers that Roland has identified and is looking for.

“I’m so excited to share this process with you because I know the power and potential it has for you,” Roland says, “as well as the impact that it can make on you and the others around you.” I still don’t know how much Epic Investing costs though, your best best would be to fill out an application.

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