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Funding a business isn’t easy. Apparently, it requires money, and aside from the cash itself, the process can be pretty complicated too. As people say, there’s no such thing as one size fits all, which makes it harder to decide what process to follow. What if it doesn’t work for you? What if all your money gets to waste? That’s indeed terrifying, I suppose.

Given those worries, Jack McColl enters the scene, claiming that there are four ways you can fund your business. If you’re a newbie, you can risk your hard-earned money at first. Why? It’s because Jack believes that your money is better spent on long-term assets such as equities, real estate, and potentially even bitcoin. The next option is to obtain a high-interest business loan.

If you’re thinking about taking the second step, keep in mind that a lot of individuals try to win at it. And guess what? They simply wind up paying a large amount of interest. As a result, taking out a loan is not a good idea. 

The third alternative is having an equity partner. That way, you can have someone to pour your capital and resources with. However, there is a problem because this might be quite costly in the long run, especially if the company expands significantly. 

The fourth option is funding your company with 0% interest business credit. That’s great, right? No wonder it is Jack’s personal choice.


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“And you can do that by, first, optimizing your personal credit, leveraging banking relationships, then getting access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of zero percent interest business credit that you can use to start, or massively scale your business,” Jack says.

Jack will serve as your living proof if you’re still skeptical about the process’s effectiveness. In less than a year, he went from having bad credit and no credit cards to being approved for $300,000 in credit using the same method that he recommends.

Jack, being a wise man, doesn’t stop there. He used that credit line right away to help businesses achieve a six-figure revenue. He does all that while traveling full-time. Currently, the Federal Reserve reports that outstanding credit card balances are at their lowest level in three years. 

Banks are losing money as a result of low-interest rates. And guess what? Banks started offering high credit card offers, which had never happened before. This also marks the existence of the best bonuses and sign-up deals in the credit history. That’s history in the making!

Wait a sec, though. Remember that it’s not an easy thing to be approved for anything these days. Sadly, when it comes to financing, the average person in the real estate and small-business sectors tends to get stuck with the traditional means. If you made a mistake of doing that, too, you might end up building up a pile of debt and, worse, go bankrupt.

“This is an absolute tragedy,” Jack states. “This is not the way business is supposed to go.” So, what’s the deal with Jack? He managed to get three hundred Gs of business credit without paying a fee or interest. Does he have some sort of secret?

Well, it’s all because of his clever Credit Stacking strategy. The secret is to never spend your personal funds on business needs. It’s always a bad idea. The wise thing to do is to get approved for credit lines. Then use the money not only to power up your business but also to build up long-term investments.

Do you want to achieve no fees, no interest, and access to six figures of zero percent company? Jack says it’s possible. Wondering what steps you need to take? First, work on your awareness by becoming familiar with your credit file and score.

Step two? Play the bank the way they play you. The truth is, banks have a secret approval basis. Unfortunately, they will never disclose it to you for the obvious reason that they don’t want you to get authorized for zero percent cards because they want to profit from your interest payments. So, get out there and find your way!

If you want to be more appealing to lenders, Jack can show you the ropes. Let’s call the third step Credit Stacking. It will allow you to build up an amount of money with no interest. In essence, it’s a form of Tetris wherein the bureau, and the bank must best fit each other.

The next step is named inquiry sweep. Here, you have to clean your records. Leave no traces of you applying to all of these business credits cards. Don’t allow yourself to look suspicious. The perfect way to achieve this is by doing sequencing and balance transfers.

Up to date, Jack has recorded hundreds of students who went through his program. Those students are now out in the field, getting approved for large credit limits with no fees or interest. If you’re interested, schedule a call with the Credit Stacking team. However, I cannot provide an overview of the price because Jack did not disclose it.

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