Digital Leasing Review: Is Joshua T Osborne’s System Legit?

Digital Leasing Review

The Digital Landlord concept, created by marketing genius Joshua T. Osborne, shows you how to make money online using the Digital Landlord method. He promises to teach you how to make money without lifting a finger by creating digital assets and renting them to businesses in need of traffic.

He claims he can show you how to make over $10,000 a month using his system alone. Marketers in today’s industry tend to make a lot of promises, but Josh stands by what he says and proves it, too.

But how does Digital Landlord differ from the rest? And how much does it cost? We’ll aim to answer all your questions in this review.

Read on for my in-depth look into Digital Landlord.


This Digital Landlord review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

What Is Digital Leasing?

What Is Digital Landlord

A technique developed by Joshua T. Osborne is called Digital Leasing, and it modernizes the idea of conventional real estate.

The idea revolves around the local lead generation model, which means creating digital properties that can be rented out to local businesses that need more traffic.

But if not physical real estate, then what kind?

You know, the website kind.

But it can’t be just any old site.

Specifically, a website that generates leads for small businesses.

An SEO-optimized website that ranks well for local search terms.

A website that will help this business owner get more clients without the heavy legwork.

The concept of Digital Leasing is essentially a way to compete with established home lead services like Home Advisor and Thumbtack

In a sense, these establishments are also leveraging Digital Leasing.

Their search results dominate almost every industry when users search for local services.

The list goes on and on: roofing, plumbing, dentistry, fences and trees, home improvement, tree lopping, underwater basket weaving, etc.

You get the picture, right?

As far as lead generation companies are concerned, these guys are hard to beat.

In fact, they don’t even try to help their clients or put much effort into what they do.

There’s nothing more important to companies like Angies than making a profit, and they don’t care who they hurt in the process. In fact, they don’t even limit themselves to contractors; they share leads with five companies all at once, waiting for the most eager ones to get on board first.

In contrast, Josh explains how you can help local business owners, and work towards financial freedom through Digital Leasing aka generating leads.

His goal is to find solutions where everyone wins.

Who Is Joshua T Osborne?

Who Is Joshua T Osborne

As a kid, Joshua T. Osborne grew up without much opportunity for success, so doing anything worthwhile seemed like a pipe dream.

Back then, he had some tough times at home…

His real father wasn’t in the picture, his stepfather was an insufferable jerk, and his mother was always working and trying to make ends meet for him and his siblings.

Most of the time, Josh ended up having to take care of his younger siblings.

In order to pay the bills, Josh made some bad decisions that caused him to get into some big trouble at a young age.

That’s when he ended up serving two years and some change in prison.

But funny enough, there was a lot of self-searching going on during that time.

Having been mentored by another inmate doing life during this time, he was brought back to his role as a student.

As soon as he got out of jail, he started a moving business in Colorado.

And the seed for Digital Leasing was planted by this biz opp.

As Josh got better at digital marketing, he started sleeping at the computer since he was working so much.

His work ethic had always been good, but this time was different.

He knew he shouldn’t have to sacrifice his whole life just to make a good living.

It’s not necessary for him to sacrifice time with his family.

What was his solution?

Basically, he started outsourcing his extra work to a friend’s moving company when the jobs didn’t stop coming in.

Well he started passing off all his extra jobs to another moving company he was friends with.

Every time that company booked a job through his referral, they simply gave him a cut of the action.

And then it hit him.

A whole new business model…

Digital Leasing.

He figured that if he could build and rank his own website, capturing a majority of the leads in the area in the process, that he could replicate this all over the state…and then the country.

He was right.

Day by day he turned into something more akin to a Digital Leasing lessor with “digital properties” all over the country.

Fast forward a few years after that and now he personally owns a Digital Leasing Empire, has an abundance of family time, and mentors others on how to do the same exact thing.

How Does The Digital Leasing Model Work?

How Does The Digital Landlord Model Work

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know.

First things first, you must get to building your website.

Snapps has a drag-and-drop platform that’s easy to use for anyone getting started.

The system combines the polished features of WordPress with the simplicity of Weebly.

Using this website builder, you can use conversion-oriented designs that are already built.

It’s just a matter of SEO work after that, and your site will start ranking.

Now let’s get into more detail.

1: Pick a niche

Pick a niche

Start thinking of services such as plumbing, electrical work, and landscaping.

2: Figure out the population size

figure out the population size

You’ll get a lot further if you start in a city with at least 50,000 people. Anything below that won’t help you much in terms of scaling.

3: Determine the demand for the service

To some extent, this one explains itself. Choose a service that fills a need in the market and will be in demand in your chosen location. It would be a poor option, for instance, to hire a snow removal service in Long Beach, California where its always a cool 76 degrees.

4: Build out the site

build out the site

Let’s get back to what I shared briefly earlier. You can buy a domain name from for a few bucks a year, and then link it to a pre-made website design that fits your market. Just publish your website and let Snapps focus on the rest.

5: Do some SEO

Having a website is already a given for all types of businesses. However, not all of them can be on the top page every time. And quite frankly, not many know how to. That’s where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in.

How does SEO work?

Search engine optimization is simple. It’s just creating a website the way Google recommends. If Google likes your site, you’ll get a higher ranking.

As Josh points out in his lessons, we know exactly what Google wants because of Google’s transparency.

And it always comes down to 3 things: citations, backlinks, and content.

Getting the content right isn’t hard. This is just the important “fluff” that fills your homepage and makes it look smart. However, you have to write them in a specific way to get the best results.

A backlink is just a link to your site that appears on another page. For example, if you post a video from YouTube to Facebook, you’re providing a link to the page.

Citations need only include the site’s name, location, and phone number. It’s simple, and it’ll also help you rank higher.

You’ll be on the first page every time if get these 3 features down.

6: Find a business owner to give the leads to.

Free samples are common in big-box stores like Costco and Sam’s. They’re provided at no cost, and if you like them, you can buy them.

No pressure, right?

In the same manner you’ll pass a couple leads off to a business owner, and if they like the quality and make some money, they’ll start paying you to keep those leads coming in.

7: Repeat with a bunch of other digital assets

It’s really that simple.

So those are the 7 steps to Digital Leasing and owning your own lead generation business.

Digital Leasing Customer Reviews

Digital Landlord Customer Reviews

Frank said this about the DL program:

“I’ve been in almost 3 months. I’ve made money with the program / made my investment back plus some more. Reason for the 4 stars is that the community is on Facebook platform in a private group. I hate Facebook so I don’t like having to go there for the community & coaching.”

It seems James it pretty happy with his results…

“I don’t normally leave reviews, I came here to try an off set all of the bad ones and tell my own experience. I joined Digital Leasing in November. I had tried other methods about lead generationDigital Leasing was the group coaching and community. Being able to hop on a zoom call and ask Josh directly for advice on what I was doing really helped. I scaled my agency to about $6,000/mo in a few months, which was more than I had ever thought possible (not everyone has dreams of being a millionaire haha).”

And lastly Wrenn said:

“Bought this program in July and have already started to land new clients. This program takes work but if you follow the systems that they layout you will be successful. Not a get-rich-quick course like others I have taken, Josh and his team are coaching us every day of the week. Highly recommend!”

You’re probably wondering if Digital Leasing is still a scam after hearing some people’s positive feedback…

Is Digital Leasing A Scam?

Is Digital Landlord A Scam

There’s nothing fake about Digital Leasing. Joshua T. Osborne’s hard work has accomplished what few online classes can…

Putting their words into action.

The majority of people who make courses just want to make money. It’s a sad truth…

They don’t know what it takes to run the day-to-day operations of your own business. They have no clue how to manage an FBA shop, a digital rental property, or a marketing agency like you do.

Josh, on the other hand, knows this struggle firsthand.

The guy runs his 7-figure agency Mr. and Mrs. Leads every single day, just like you.

In the age of sketchy web advertising tactics, Digital Leasing is as legit as it gets.

Let’s talk pricing now that we’ve covered all that ground.

How Much Does Digital Leasing Cost?

How Much Does Digital Landlord Cost

You usually don’t see the cost of high-ticket programs like DL on the internet. I don’t know exactly what Digital Leasing will cost you, but it’s a big investment. I’d recommend saving $5k or so at the very least.

Even though starting your own local marketing agency isn’t cheap, expect to pay at least three to six months’ worth of overhead expenses while you’re at it.

There’s just no way you’ll succeed in this industry without at least that much investment.

Digital Leasing Review Conclusion

Digital Landlord Review Conclusion

Ultimately, the Digital Leasing Method is what will lead to bad ass marketers living the lives of their dreams. Because it’s based on Google, this online business system may result in long-term success.

When you launch an internet business, it’s a given that you will have many challenges coming your way.

Because Amazon constantly changes its policies, it could shut down your own FBA shop at the drop of a hat…

In order to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram, or Google, you might risk having your social media advertising account shut down for violating some arbitrary regulation…

Run your own dropshipping company and you’ll have to spend thousands every month on advertising if you want to compete with the millions of people selling the same stuff online…

With the Digital Leasing model, you can focus on growing your company without walking on eggshells, worrying about sudden regulation changes, ad platform suspensions of your expensive campaigns, or even the millions of people fighting to sell the same few stuff on your site.

It is impossible to find the perfect company, but one with little overhead, few regulations, and few competitors may come pretty darn close.

If you want to learn more aboutDigital here.

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