How to Become a Publicist

Image is everything. This fact is the reason why so many companies invest heavily in a well-trained public relations department. It is essential for businesses and high-profile personalities to have skilled professionals who not only understand the goals of the client, but can also package those goals and present them capably to the public.


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What does a publicist do?

A publicist (also referred to as a public relations representative, public relations specialist or PR rep) is in charge of organizing and directing contact with outside media sources. This occurs on a variety of levels. First, a PR representative is expected to develop press releases or information material while also being prepared to field any possible inquiries from press organizations. To do this, a public relations specialist must not only be keenly aware of the client’s proceedings and objectives, but must also know how to appropriately spin news to show their client in the best possible light.

In addition, a PR specialist job may also include serving as a spokesperson for press conferences. This is an especially common role for government public relations representatives. This means that these individuals must be well-informed, articulate and concise.

Another publicist’s role may be organizing meetings with the press, such as speeches or conferences, for upper level management at a company. This requires these employees to have good connections with the press and other organizations while also being in tune with the personalities and desires of key people within the client’s circle.

What kind of training does a publicist need?

A bachelor degree is a common requirement for those interested in public relations specialist jobs. A degree in public relations is preferred by many employers. However, a degree may be based in business, communications or even journalism, but employers will be looking for candidates with strong communication skills above all else.

One way to help get ahead is to have meaningful work experience, including internships, which can be valuable learning tools. Other helpful qualifications include involvement in various organizations, such as a school paper or other writing or speaking clubs. Click here to get a list of schools that offer online public relations training.

What are the prospects for a publicist career?

Jobs in public relations are expected to grow steadily between 2006 and 2016, with an overall increase of 18% for a total of 286,000 public relations positions. Much of the growth in this industry will likely be in relations to large public relations firms, since many companies are outsourcing their PR needs to such large corporations who specialize in communicating with the press. (1) Click here for a list of programs to teach you how to become a publicist online.

How much do publicists make?

An person right out of PR training can expect to earn between $32,000 to $55,000 per year. With additional schooling and work experience, the pay can increase dramatically in this field, and public relations managers can make anywhere from $55,000 to $130,000 annually. (2)

A career in public relations is sure to be anything but routine. Individuals who enjoy using their communication skills are likely to find this career path meaningful for years to come. Click here to research programs for public relations careers.

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