How to Become a Sales Manager

How to Become a Sales Manager

The ultimate goal for virtually all companies is to make a profit. This means that businesses of all varieties and in all sectors need to successfully sell their product or service, whether it is life insurance, clothing, Internet services or widgets. Companies need skilled managers to handle the sales aspect of business, from setting goals, to organizing plans, to achieving sales success.

What does a sales manager do?

As the job title suggests, a sales manager is responsible for overseeing and organizing the selling portion of a business. The overall goal of a sales manager is to discover new ways to boost sales and therefore maximize profit.

One part of this job would involve analyzing sales data. The sales manager would be in charge of collecting data from all sales representatives under his/her supervision. With this data, a sales manager keeps track of sales and looks for various trends in the sales figures.

Then, based on this data, a sales manager can create new sales techniques to best reach consumers. To do this, a sales manager is often expected to train other sales representatives with these new techniques, meaning a sales manager should not only understand the product or service and the market, but should also know how to successfully train others to meet the needs of consumers.

What kind of training does a sales manager need?

It’s not always necessary to have formal sales management training. The most important piece of sales manager training is real-world sales experience. It is critical that a sales manager understand how to sell a product well, as many businesses are filling sales management positions with candidates who have relevant work experience and a strong business background. Most sales managers have at least five years of successful sales experience.

However, schooling can make the difference between several sales manager job candidates. In addition, many employers desire a sales manager who has at least a bachelor degree in business. Marketing degrees, sales degrees, as well as degrees in merchandising can also be used to advantage. The more applicable coursework and certifications an applicant has, the more likely they will be hired for a lucrative job in sales management. Click here for a list of online sales and marketing degree programs.

What are the prospects for a career in sales management?

Although the economy is currently struggling, now is a good time to consider a career as a sales manager. Sales management jobs are expected to grow by 12% between 2006 and 2016, especially as the global market rebounds and the need for management of sales both domestically and overseas increases. People seeking jobs in sales management with a strong education background and real-world experience will be especially likely to find employment. (1) Click here for a list of programs to get your marketing degree online.

How much do sales managers make?

Sales manager salaries pay very well. New sales managers, depending on the area of specialty, currently bring in from $71,900 to $137,500 per year. This reflects the intense nature of the job and the wealth of experience and knowledge expected from sales managers. (2)

A sales management career path is one of constant maneuvering and adaptation. The nature of the sales industry is continually moving, and sales management careers are an enticing opportunity for people who like the fast-paced world of sales and who enjoy competition and creative thinking. Click on the link to find out how to become a sales manager.

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