How to Become a Computer Support Specialist

How to Become a Computer Support Specialist

Computer systems and networks are an essential part of the operation of nearly all companies and organizations. At some point in time, computer problems occur and there is an increased demand for support employees to help resolve problems. This is the job of computer support specialists.

What does a computer support specialist do?

Computer support specialists provide technical advice, support, and assistance to customers and other users of computer systems, hardware and software. They are experts in troubleshooting using their own knowledge and assisted by automated analytical programs, they analyze and resolve most computer problems.

Specialists in this field, such as help-desk technicians and technical support specialists Help-desk technicians are responsible for responding to telephone calls and emails and provide assistance to customers with computer problems. These specialists are responsible for responding to inquiries from users and running automated tests to solve issues. They may also clean, install, modify and repair computer software and hardware. Click here to find out how to become a computer support specialist.

What kind of training does a computer support specialist need?

For many jobs in computer support, a bachelor degree in information systems or computer science is required. Some computer support jobs may only require an associate degree in a related field, along with computer support training courses or certification. There are a number of computer support certificate programs available.

Strong communication, problem solving, analytical skills are also essential for this work. Since computer support specialists constantly interact with customers, coworkers, and other computer personnel, they must also be able to effectively communicate over the phone, in writing and in person. Click here for a list of online computer science degree programs.

What are the prospects for a career in computer support?

Computer support specialist jobs are expected to grow along with the average for all professions. Employment is projected to increase by 13% between 2006 and 2016. (1) As organizations and individuals continue to incorporate new technology, computer support specialists will continue to be in demand. Computer design and associated fields (software, peripherals, etc.) is expected to remain one of the fastest growing industries, which will continue to drive job growth of computer support specialists of all types.

Prospects will be best for job seekers with a college degree, related skills on the latest technology and relevant experience. Click here to get a list of programs to get your degree in information systems online.

How much do computer support specialists make?

The median computer support specialist salary is around $42,400. The middle 50% earn between $32,800 and $54,700 with the highest 10% earning over $69,300 (1). Some computer support specialists may further their education to advance to systems administrators.

Computer support specialist careers are great for people who enjoy working with people and like to solve computer problems of any complexity. Candidates must enjoy interacting with customers and coworkers on a daily basis to address issues, answer questions and provide assistance. Click here to find your path to a career in computer support.

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