How to Become a Corporate Trainer

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As technology advances and new theories regarding the best way to structure the modern workplace evolve, the need for continual training is paramount. For this reason, professional trainers are sought-after individuals who can expect to find a challenging and rewarding career helping others reach their full potential.


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What does a corporate trainer do?

A corporate trainer — also referred to as a professional trainer or employee trainer — may have several types of duties, all of which revolve around the planning, scheduling, and administration for training professionals. Many professional trainers play a large role in the transition of new employees to the workplace, including leading training sessions to acquaint the new hire with necessary protocol and the specifics of their position.

Another activity that a corporate trainer may be asked to conduct is ongoing employee training for current employees. These sessions may be based on a new method or technology being introduced into the company or merely a helpful technique or policy update to make the workplace run more smoothly.

While in-person corporate training is the flashiest part of this job, professional trainers spend much of their time planning, organizing, and improving upon their training sessions. This means finding the appropriate curriculum and discovering the best methods to pass that knowledge along to make it both engaging and productive for those they are training.

What kind of training does a corporate trainer need?

Many employers are looking for employee trainers with a bachelor degree. While some colleges may offer business degrees that specialize in training and development, professional trainers often have a range of bachelor degree specializations to be qualified for a job as a professional trainer. Some degree options include human resources, communication, and education.

More important than a specific corporate training degree are skills. Many employers are looking for applicants who have a strong interdisciplinary background, with some exposure or training in a range of skills from business administration to psychology, due to the unique duties of professional trainers. Click here to get a list of online courses for corporate trainers.

There are professional training certification programs available, such as from the American Society for Training and Development, which can be helpful when searching for a corporate trainer job. To earn a professional trainer certificate, applicants must have prior related work experience and pass an exam. (1)

What are the prospects for a corporate training career?

The number of corporate training jobs is expected to rise by 18% over the coming years, reaching 249,000 jobs by 2016. This increase is attributed to the rapidly changing tools and marketplace that businesses use and function in. (1)

How much do corporate trainers make?

Starting corporate trainer salary ranges from $32,000 to $57,500 per year. With additional schooling and work experience, expert professional trainers can expect to see their income increase, with the highest level workers earning over $98,000. (2)

Corporate training careers allow individuals to focus on soft skills while still being a vital part of the business community. A career in corporate training is an excellent choice for people who enjoy teaching and who wish to see others excel. Click here for courses and programs to find out how to become a corporate trainer.

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