How to Become a Website Developer

In today’s competitive global economy, nearly every organization has a website to describe who they are or sell products and services. A website is an important branding tool, and it is essential that the website function effectively to attract visitors. To fulfill this need, companies employ specialists to create and develop websites. These professionals are website developers.


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What does a website developer do?

A website developer – known by several names, including web dev or webdev – is a professional who develops websites or Web pages for the Internet or a company intranet. Tasks depend on the specific function of the website, but may include simple page building, web server configuration, e-commerce development, network integration, web content development and JavaScript application development.

Web devs work with a variety of formats, including HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Structured Query Language (SQL), Flash and JavaScript, and may work strictly in code, or in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environments, such as Dreamweaver, Microsoft .NET, or any of several other programs.

Web developers may be responsible for other roles such as copywriting/copyediting, graphic design, information architecture, search engine optimization, and web design, and may also be responsible for employing security applications. They may work alongside database administrators, project managers, software engineers, web designers, and web producers, or they may be responsible for some or all of these tasks. Click here to learn how to become a website developer.

What kind of training does a website developer need?

With the expansion of the World Wide Web, most employers require bachelor degrees in computer science, web development, graphic design, or other related area. An associate degree with extensive work experience may be sufficient for some positions. For large corporations with complex websites, a graduate degree may be preferred or required. Job seekers can improve employment opportunities by gaining certifications in specific software and programming languages. Click here for a list of online web development degree programs.

What are the prospects for a career in website development?

The job prospects are expected to be excellent. Website development is one of the fastest growing occupations worldwide, due to the advancement of e-commerce and the ease of access to the Web. Website development jobs and related occupations are expected to grow much faster than average through 2016. (1)

The best prospects will be for job seekers that have formal education and significant related experience. Technical and creative skills are very important as well.

How much do Website Developers make?

According to, as of March 2009, the middle 50 percent of website developers earned annual salaries between $59,110 and $82,135, with the highest 10 percent earning more than $92,365. (2) Click here to get a list of programs to get your degree in website development online.

A career in website development is a great choice for technically-minded people who have strong conceptual and visualization skills and pay a close attention to detail. Web developers must also have strong verbal and written communication, organization, and time-management skills. This career path is perfect for any detail-oriented, creative person, who has a passion for developing new and interesting content for the Web. Click here to find your path to a web developer career.

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