How to Become an Information Systems Manager

With the rapid advancement of technology, it is crucial that information systems – the combination of interconnected parts including databases, data processing and record keeping – must function together effectively and reliably within an organization. Companies rely heavily on trained professionals to implement and manage these technology systems. Information systems managers play this part.


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What does an information systems manager do?

Information systems (IS) managers – who may hold titles such as, chief technology officer (CTO) or information technology director (IT director) – are responsible for planning, organizing, managing, researching and facilitating the multitude of computer activities within an organization. They manage operations, supervise network security, and assist in developing business plans. They consult with top management to help determine the company’s business and technical goals and make comprehensive plans to accomplish them.

IS managers supervise the work of computer programmers, support specialists, systems analysts, and other employees working in related areas. They plan and organize tasks such as development of computer networks, Internet and intranet websites, the installation and upgrading of software and hardware, and systems design and programming.

They analyze the organization’s information systems needs from a strategic and operational perspective and plan short- and long-term equipment and personnel requirements. They stay updated with the latest technology to make sure the organization remains competitive. Click here to find out how to become an information systems manager.

What kind of training does an information systems manager need?

IS managers typically have a solid understanding of business management principles as well as technical expertise. A solid background in a variety of technical areas is essential. A bachelor degree is typically required, but some employers prefer graduate degrees, such as a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in technology. This is becoming increasingly important because information systems managers are increasingly charged with making business and technology decisions for their company.

Employers may look for IS managers who have specific software or technology experience and a consultation or business management background. Advanced technical knowledge and previous experience as an IT professional such as a computer support specialist or systems analyst is beneficial. Certifications are generally not required, but may improve employment opportunities. Click here for a list of online information systems management degree programs.

What are the prospects for a career in Information Systems Management?

The heavy use of technology in the corporate arena means employment for information systems managers is projected to grow faster than average, about 16% by 2016. (1) Advanced technology will increase the demand for other IT professionals, which will increase openings for IS manager jobs.

Prospects for information systems manager jobs are expected to be excellent. It will be the best for job seekers with specialized technical knowledge, great communication skills, and strong understanding of business.

How much do information systems managers make?

As of March 2009, the middle 50% of IS mangers salaries were between $88,074 and $122,658, with the highest 10% earning above $140,351. (2)

A career in information systems management is a great choice for people who have a keen understanding of the uses of computer systems technology on a broad scale, as well as familiarity of management processes. Candidates must have strong communication, leadership and teamwork skills, as well. Click here to find your path to an IS management career.

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