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Below are sites that promote distance learning. While we encourage you to take the necessary steps to earn your degree however possible, our goal is to help you understand both the advantages and disadvantages of distance education, equipping you with the knowledge to ultimately make the choice that is best for you. To help you, we look for articles written using in everyday English rather than professional jargon intended to confuse you. If you’ve had an exceptional experience with a school, please feel free to post your comments below, letting other readers know which schools to either embrace or avoid.


This  review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

High School By Distance Learning!

We know you’ve heard about college programs offered via distance education, but maybe you haven’t heard yet that select schools now offer high school degrees both online or through independent study! Below are a list of schools now offering distance education programs so you can earn even your high school diploma remotely:

Indiana University High School Diploma Program

As one of the most respected state schools in the state, Indiana University has recently introduced a new educational opportunity: Indiana University High School (IUHS).  IUHS allows students to take courses and earn their high school diploma entirely from a distance. Indiana University’s School of Continuing Studies Office of Academic Programs offers an award-winning selection of distance education courses through its Independent Study Program. Equipped with all of the resources of a leading research university, IUHS assists those who cannot otherwise take advantage of traditional degree programs offered at fixed campus locations. Earn a fully accredited high school diploma or even an associate or bachelor’s degrees now with Indiana University High School.

University of Nebraska  says they deliver high school course offerings from the University of Nebraska, through their Independent Study High School. This high school, founded in 1929, is fully accredited and offers more than 150 courses. During the 70 years since its establishment, the school has received numerous awards for its development and design excellence.  Recently, curriculum and support specialists have revamped the courses to take advantage of high-speed delivery and support made possible by the Internet.

The Independent Study High School has been fully accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education since 1968 and by the North Central Association Commission on Schools since 1978, meaning their diploma and credits are recognized nationwide.

General Distance Learning Information

Online students fare better  Contradicting the beliefs of distance learning naysayers, a 1997 study at California State University, Northridge found that distance learning students outperformed traditional classroom students.

Distance Education and Training Council   Excellent source of general information about distance education and distance learning.  To quote the site: “The Distance Education and Training Council (formerly the National Home Study Council) is a nonprofit educational association located in Washington, D.C. DETC serves as a clearinghouse of information about the distance study/correspondence field and sponsors a nationally recognized accrediting agency called the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council.

The DETC was founded in 1926 under the cooperative leadership of the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the National Better Business Bureau. The Council’s goal is to promote sound educational standards and ethical business practices within the distance study field.

The  independent seven member Accrediting Commission of the DETC was established in 1955; shortly thereafter it gained the approval of the U.S. Department of Education as the “nationally recognized accrediting agency” under the terms of Public Law. The Accrediting Commission is also recognized as a national accrediting agency by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The procedures and standards have been continuously refined and improved over the past three decades. Today, more than 3 million Americans are enrolled in DETC accredited institutions. DETC currently accredits distance study from the vocational  diploma through the Master’s degree and is trying a pilot program for first and professional doctorates. Doctoral accreditation does not have final approval from USDA or CHEA yet.

TEACHNOLOGY & WEBAGOGY (Technology In Support Of Higher Education Teaching & Learning)  A treasure trove of links to distance education subjects of all kinds.

University of Idaho Engineering Outreach Home Page Written for distance educators. An outstanding overview of what makes for quality distance instruction.

University of Maryland Institute for Distance Education  Loads of good information about distance education, divided into four interest areas: Policy Makers, Students, Educators, and the Public. Most of the site is very informative and useful. The Public area has been “under development” for a year now and has made no progress whatsoever, so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it.

Am I cut out for online education? ASelf-Evaluation Quiz For prospective students

Are Distance Learning  Courses for Me? College of DuPage’s online quiz

How to Calculate the Savings from Distance Learning A calculator developed by SUNY.

Is Online Learning for Me? UCLA Extension’s online quiz

Tips for Success with online education

What Every Student Should Know About Online Learning by John E. Reid, Jr.

Athabasca University  A good site about a pioneer in distance learning. In their own words: “Athabasca University is dedicated to the removal of barriers that traditionally restrict access to and success in university level studies, and to increasing equality of educational opportunity for all adult Canadians, regardless of their geographical location or prior academic credentials.

Twenty six years ago, Athabasca University opened its doors and became Canada’s first fully accredited open university specializing in distance education. Today, Athabasca University is nationally and internationally recognized as a leader in open and distance education, offering a high quality university education to more than 12,500 students across North America each year.  Athabasca University makes it possible for people to earn a university education regardless of where they live or work, or their commitments to careers or families. Now, where there is a will to learn, there is a way to learn. We remove the barriers of time, space, past educational experience, and, to a great degree, level of income.

City University  We’ve heard good things from clients about City University in Washington. It is among the more affordable distance degree institutions. It offers a range of liberal arts majors at the undergraduate level. The graduate division is a professional training school, not a graduate university. Its focus narrows sharply to business, education, and human services.

Still, if that’s what you are looking for, you can get good solid training at a reasonable price. The only complaint we hear on a regular basis is that communications with the school are slower than pouring molasses in the winter. Our attempts at communicating with City U confirms this. It once took a month to get a reply to an e-mail. If they straightened out this problem, we could recommend them without reserve.

Indiana University Indiana University’s School of Continuing Studies Office of Academic Programs offers an award-winning selection of distance education courses through its Independent Study Program.  The school brings the resources of Indiana University to people who cannot take advantage of traditional programs at fixed campus locations. A.A. and B.A. programs are available in General Studies.

Linfield College The Adult Degree Program offers baccalaureate and certificate programs designed to meet the needs of adult students who maintain career or family responsibilities while earning a degree.

Marymount College/Webster University Weekend College program was enthusiastically recommended by business student Maryjane Sherry. The weekend college is located in Palos Verdes CA currently offers a weekend AA, and BA program. Sherry tells us that Fall of 2001 will bring an MBA to the Marymount College/Webster University Weekend College program.

Although I tend to crinkle up my nose at calling weekend college distance learning,  I know some people consider it as such and, of course, weekend college does serve a very useful function in modern society. At any rate, Maryjane Sherry seems quite pleased to endorse the program.

Regent University was recommended by Patricia L. Lightbourne who is working for a Regent University M.B.A. (finance) by online instruction. Regent offers distance programs in business, communication, counseling, divinity, education, government, organizational leadership, and law (LL.M). It consistently scores very high in the annual rankings. Every program at Regent University has an evangelical  Christian slant, which will be appealing to some and appalling to others. Patricia seems happy there. Maybe you would be too!

Institute for Continuing Education offers a wide range of continuing education units for healthcare professionals with special emphasis on nursing and respiratory care. Tuition is very reasonable compared to traditional methods. The president of ICE formerly worked for California College of Health Sciences.

Northcentral UniversityI’ve been telling my clients to keep an eye on this Prescott, Arizona distance learning university and I’ve been predicting they would be granted candidacy for accreditation and, eventually, accreditation. I’ve been telling my clients to keep an eye on this Prescott, Arizona distance learning university and I’ve been predicting they would be granted candidacy for accreditation and, eventually, accreditation.

Many experts on the distance learning bulletin boards disagreed with me, saying Northcentral University accreditation will not come because accredited because

  1. overlapping staff and curriculum with the perennially unaccredited Southern California University for Professional Studies
  2. all Northcentral University programs are totally nonresident! That’s right, even the Ph.D. programs are free of any residency requirement!

Just as I predicited, the North Central Association team recommended intitial accreditation with only minor conditions after completing their two-and-a-half day site visit ending October 16. And on the next visit, they granted Northcentral full accredition for the maximum term allowed.

I must confess that I enrolled in Northcentral University twice and dropped out both times because of what I call “busy work” assignments. I have no patience for this. But that says as much about me as it does about the programs. I have an “artistic temperament” and don’t like being hemmed in.

If you are looking for a highly structured, demanding program that you can enroll in without concern about legitimacy or quality—this is it.

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