How to Become a Promotions Manager

Promotions are an essential part of advertising departments of many companies and organizations. Promotions managers are trained professionals that supervise a variety of promotions activities for their employer.

What does a promotions manager do?

Promotions managers organize and manage promotions programs that combine incentives and advertising to increase the sales of their company. They manage promotions activities and staff. They ensure that promotion programs utilize all outlets of standard advertising such as direct mail, print media, radio or television broadcast advertising, newspaper inserts, exhibits, Internet advertising, on-site displays, product endorsements, and telemarketing. They also use a variety of incentives such as samples, coupons, rebates, contests, sweepstakes, and free gifts. Promotions managers are often involved in supporting new products and services. They establish direct contact with distributors, merchants, and clients through their advertising techniques. Promotions managers often coordinate special events that are on-site or take place in other live venues. They often work with other professionals such as sales managers and advertising managers to create effective promotion programs.

What kind of training does a promotions manager need?

Promotions managers typically need at least a bachelor degree in marketing, business administration, or related field. Some employers prefer applicants with a master degree. Many promotions managers begin their career in entry-level positions and advance to management positions after acquiring the essential skills and experience. Prospective promotions managers typically complete courses in accounting, business, marketing, statistics, economics, and management. Many aspiring promotions managers complete internships to gain practical experience in the field. Promotions managers must stay up to date on the current advancements in the field and often complete continuing education courses and additional training throughout their careers.

What are the prospects for a career as a promotions manager?

Employment of promotions managers is expected to grow more slowly than average for all professions, increasing 6% from 2006 to 2016 (1). The growing economy and increased need in product and service promotions will drive job growth.

Job prospects are expected to be good with strong competition. Promotions managers with advanced education and extensive experience will have the best job opportunities. Some job openings will stem from the need to replace promotions managers that retire, transfer, or leave the field for other reasons.

How much do promotions managers make?

As of December 2009, the middle 50% of promotions managers earn annual salaries between $72,392 and $99,729. The top 10% earn annual salaries of more than $112,646 (2).

A career as a promotions manager is a great choice for people with a strong interest in advertising and promotions programs. Promotions managers must have excellent creative ability and good judgment to make effective decisions for their companies. High motivation, good leadership, critical thinking, and excellent problem solving skills are essential. Promotions managers must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to interact with a variety of staff and clients. They must be able to work under stress and pressure to meet strict deadlines.

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