The Black Fund Review (2022): Is It Legit?

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You may have seen the eye popping YouTube ad The Black Fund just released. If you haven’t, you’ll recognize it by this tatted up dude with hipster hair saying: “Imagine making a hundred grand in just a few minutes, without knowing anything about this before.

If you’re watching this and you wanna make money from your laptop or your phone, and you’re a complete beginner, listen up.

The cool thing about this business model is that you don’t need any massive up-front investment and you literally need no experience at all.”


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“We’ve made over a million dollars doing this exact same thing in the last six months,” he continues. “Now, if you’re not interested in learning how to do this, go ahead and skip the video and I’m sorry for wasting your time.

But if you do wanna copy exactly what we do and make money with us in real-time, in the next sixty seconds I’m gonna teach you the fastest way I’ve found to make real money online. Follow me. [Notice how the camera cuts to his condo after the mercedes with the skyline…]”

“I just wanted to show you that you can do this from anywhere in the world. I usually do it from my bedroom, as you can see. But you can choose to do it wherever you like. You can do it from your car, you can do it on a run, you can even do it if you have a full-time job.

That’s the coolest thing about this model. I just made forty-seven hundred in minutes this morning. One of the other members made nine thousand dollars using the same copy and paste template. And another member made six K.”

“And if that’s not enough for you, just yesterday one of our members made sixty thousand dollars in just one day. Simply copying what we did. We all do the exact same thing. And the best part about it? Is that we do it together. I can show you results for days.

We get over thirty new results from our members every single day. Or I can show you exactly how to do this on the very first day without any sort of previous knowledge. You can click on the screen right now and watch a free tutorial.”

“In that free tutorial, I’ll show you exactly how to get set up. Complete beginners have made four hundred, five hundred, even eight hundred dollars in their first day. All people who watched an ad like this, took action, and used the same template we use every day.

So I can go on for days showing you millions of dollars worth of results, or you can just click on the screen and get set up with us and get your own results right now.” After that, the YouTube ad ends and you’re asked to join the webinar through the ad pop up box.

What do I think about the ad? 

I think he should just come right out and say he’s talking about trading crypto & stocks. Oh and don’t forget about options trading! Seriously though, why make people jump through all those hoops? Why say they won’t need a lot of money to start?

Okay, I guess I can’t go at him too hard because at least in theory you don’t need a lot to start. But I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna have $60k days when you just have $100 to play with. Not to mention you could copy all their trades and still lose money.

To be honest, I’m simply being a little critical of their marketing. For all I know, these guys could be amazing individuals with a real talent for picking winners. You could even see a massive profit and be featured as social proof in their next ad LOL. And while I’m not against playing in the markets…I just don’t think this is the best starting point for making money outside a j-o-b.

But hey, if you really wanna buy The Black Fund membership package with the all the benefits like coaching calls, signals, and video trainings…go for it. Be prepared to spend though. They have month to month options starting at $250 per month and yearly membership dues of $1800. Not too expensive for a serious individual.

Overall, I’d just want to see more transparency on the front end of what they’re offering.

Joshua T Osborne

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