Michelle & Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator Review

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Jack and Michelle Bosch built Land Profit Generator, the country’s leading incubator for land flipping enterprises.

Are they legit? Can they truly assist you in starting, growing, and scaling your own land flipping biz? What about the cost of this training course? Continue reading for my full review.


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To begin, what precisely is land flipping? According to Jack, it’s a system he and Michelle devised years ago. They go out and identify people who no longer want their piece of property. Then, they purchase it (or construct agreements) for as little as 5 – 25 cents on the dollar.

Plots of land are valued between $5,000 – $200,000! That’s a massive gap in capital investment. The price depends on location, soil quality, size, drainage, etc.!  

They then resell the land in one of two ways. Either through wholesaling, you connect seller and buyer and take a slice to deliver without risking any of your own money. Or through seller financing, in which you genuinely get cash flow from land flipping. They’ve completed over 4,000 transactions to date.

What are the benefits of flipping land? The Bosches answer it this way, “everything you love about real estate without the complexity.”

Consider earning a 700% return without dealing with tenants, toilets, trash, or waste. And, unlike homes, I can say that land selling has low competition; why not make as much or more money with a quarter of the competitors in this market? Plus, you don’t need to utilize your own money or have good credit.

It’s pretty easy, right? Newbies can easily kick this off! You’re not required to visit the property site. I mean, what’s not to appreciate about that?

And what are the possible reasons people sell their land? I can only think of a few! 

They are fed up with paying real estate taxes and ongoing maintenance (landscaping, spraying for weeds, repairs, etc.). Or probably, they don’t see any value on the land. Perhaps, they don’t like the location, it isn’t generating any revenue, and now they just want to get off. Most probably, when things change… I mean, divorce automatically implies a sale, right? That’s where things usually end up.

Their kids or whoever heirs don’t like it either. So, when someone offers a great deal, consider it reasonable to go!

Who would be interested in purchasing the property? Architects, Builders, Investors. Those peeps who anticipate the increase of value shortly!

Buyers were looking for additional acreages such as dirt biking, camping, or recreational activities. It’s also a good parking spot for heavy wheels, or simply use it as machinery storage.

The challenge is, how do you locate, contact, and convince each party?

The couple has your back! They created software that connects list services and landowners; direct mail is delivered in just a few clicks! Chances are 3% to 10% of those prospects will respond.

Now you got to work on betting. Sometimes, clients don’t want much push. So, simply lay your offers! (Note that Bosch’s software will automatically provide a variety of choices). You have to agree with the terms, seek buyers, arrange everything for a month or so… then close the deal! 

To reiterate, Land Profit Generator will make things easier by providing you with the tools, services, ideas, and assistance to complete your first field transaction. Scale-up from there!

The couple calls it “the Harvard of land flipping.” They sell it for $2,497. Alternatively, you can pay $997 today and $549 every month for three months. After four months, you’ll have to invest $197 per month just to keep utilizing their system.

I have three concerns. If they ease the most challenge of finding deals by developing software that does most of the legwork, why would they reveal it to the market? Why not just do the transactions yourself? Second, how much margin will you lose caused by direct mails and ad schemes?

Three, if these transactions take months to complete, doesn’t that increase the chance of a deal falling through? I’m simply speaking of the possibilities.

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