Justin Colby’s Science of Flipping Review

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In his wholesaling firm, Justin Colby has earned 8 separate checks in just 1 week. It amounts to more than $59,000 in total profit, pure and simple.

He believes you, too, can reach similar outcomes. Whether you reside in the city or not, you can go to any market. Justin’s transactions took place in Phoenix, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, and so on. In total, there are five separate states.

Do you want to know what his secrets are?

So you’re ready to do your first wholesale?

Or at least a lot more wholesales than what you’re already doing?

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Hey, I'm Joshua T. Osborne

In 2015, I said goodbye to 16-hour days and hauling boxes up and down stairs for a living (I was a mover). I became a full-time entrepreneur, and I made my money by helping business owners make money.

They had a need, and because of Virtual Tool Booths., I could fill it. Through the methods taught by my all-time favorite course and mentor, I created a 6-figure business in roughly 6 months. I could retire today (at 37) and never have to worry about money ever again.

Because of Virtual Tool Booths., I was able to quit my job, work online with flexible hours, and move to the mountains (Colorado Springs if you’re wondering)...all while helping real people improve their businesses, incomes, and lives!

For most folks, a college degree is the biggest bill of their lives. I never went to college. So I don’t have any massive bills or giant debts hanging over my head. My greatest education came from Virtual Tool Booths. (for a tiny fraction of what college costs) and it’s the bill that pays ALL the bills - a hundred times over!

I really wanted to share this secret weapon with others, so they could change their lives the way I changed mine. So if you’re not 100% sure about college, or only researching to make someone else happy, Virtual Tool Booths. might be a better option for you.

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For the past 15 years, Justin Colby has been an active real estate investor. He has completed over 2,000 transactions and is now making more money than he has in the past. He learned traditional retailing in the same way that you did.

Work out a deal, negotiate terms, sign a contract, find a buyer, and collect a check. Justin has a new way of doing it, and you only need to make one change to the procedure. His wholesaling business went off as soon as he realized this and made this one essential shift.

It’s afforded him the consistency to be able to close 20 or more deals per month, month after month, and earn seven figures per year. Justin shares his story on The Science Of Flipping podcast and coaches others from the Science Of Flipping coaching program.

Other well-known figures have complimented him. “Justin’s ability to connect with people and help them comprehend what he is teaching is unrivaled,” remarked Sean Terry, Brent Daniels, and Kent Clothier.

Okay, so you’re making around $10k on a typical wholesale deal. And the majority of wholesalers make a profit of around 20% to 25%. Because if you completed 2 deals per month, you’d only make about $4-$5k, right? And chances are, you’d like to earn a lot more.

As a result, Justin advises that you learn the new method of doing things. Which is to say, follow his pattern, disregard everything else you’ve heard, apply a systemized approach, scale, and enjoy your independence.

You can forget about marketing costs with Justin’s new and advanced wholesale model, so your take-home is closer to 40 or 45% of gross. Instead of 4-5k per month, you’d be looking at 8-9k net if you completed the same 2 wholesale sales every month.

That’s what I’m talking about!  That’s a heck of a lot better. This is referred to as the Inverse Profit Method as Justin likes to call it. He swears he doesn’t even need to open his checkbook anymore to get a single lead through the door.

So, how do you do it? In today’s hyper-competitive world, how about zero advertising dollars? What’s Justin’s take on it? It’s not sexy, to be sure. He’s simply instructing his team to use tried-and-true free marketing techniques. Driving for cash, putting up bandit signs, using natural social networks, socializing with real estate brokers and other entrepreneurs, and so on.

“The biggest mistake I see wholesalers make is they lead with expenses,” Justin says. “They try to spend their way to success.”

If you want Justin’s help acquiring free leads, negotiating and closing agreements, and putting systems and great people in place so you can grow without working additional hours, let us know. Check out his coaching program, The Science Of Flipping.

I’m guessing that’s not cheap because he doesn’t disclose how much it costs. 

To know more, schedule a call with his team. 

Or, if you’re looking for a new approach to invest in real estate, have you considered going digital? You might, for example, do the same thing with digital properties rather than wholesaling homes. 

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