The Great American Income Project Review

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Millionaire trade specialist Don Kaufman is quoted saying “A hundred and nine trades, and a hundred and five wins. And it’s all documented in beautiful black and white” in his video for The Great American Income Project.

He also says “My secret is this unique income signal, or what I’ve come to call, Ultima Spike. And I’m about to tell you what it is, how to spot it, and how to act upon it.”

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The thing about Don’s system? Once you’ve got it down you can copy and paste it as many times as you want. Basically, this gives you the ability to make as many streams of income as you’d like. Don refers to the Ultima Spike signal as the ultimate game changer because of this.

What’s even more interesting is that you don’t need any experience to use Don’s system. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, it can work for anyone. He also says that if the trades are based on the Ultimate Spike, they’ll win ninety percent of the time. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? I agree.

The way I see it is this: if this really is so great, why would Don tell us about it? He says it’s “Because I don’t come from money. I used to work as a technician at an animal care clinic. And I’m sick of watching so many people get stuck on the wrong side of America’s catastrophic income gap.

Fact is, trading can radically transform your life, just like it’s transformed mine. And I want more people to know that there’s a better life out there waiting for them. But no one else can teach you this.”

He continues to say “This is the culmination of my twenty-plus-year trading career. I’ve been searching for this income signal for decades, and now that I’ve finally found it? I want you to know about it. So go ahead, join me for The Great American Income Project, and then start imagining how your life could change if you placed a hundred and nine trades and you won a hundred and five of them!

What you’re about to learn could reshape your financial destiny and help you leave a legacy that lasts forever.”

The Great American Project has one of the most talked up presentations I’ve seen in a long time. The Ultima Income Generator unlocks access to a group of already successful individuals all using Don’s system to generate multiple streams of income.

His Ultima Alerts suggest that they may be able to help you earn up to 4.2k within three days. That means regardless of the market or your background knowledge (or lack thereof), you should be able to make some money. Each week Don will send you three new live trades as he discovers them.

Not to mention, these are the very same trades that made Don the millionaire that he is today. Keep in mind that 90% are winners and they all have the possibility to be double or triple digits. You’ll get the Income Generator 101 course, which is essentially a crib sheet of 7 “must-haves” for all of your trades. Also included is access to TheoTrade members area which houses all of Don’s past courses, a link that takes you to a live trade room (that has help 6 hours a day), customer support (via email), and a couple other bonuses.

The cost of Ultima Trades: The Great American Income Project is a cool $297. If that would break your piggy bank, Don also offers to let you pay it in two or three installments. Probably the only thing I like about Don’s offer is that he has a 90 day money back guarantee (meaning you can at least get a refund).

Here’s what I’ve gleaned from this: if this system really produced a 90% win rate (keep in mind that’s regardless of your expertise), Don would be neck and neck with Elon Musk for richest man in the world. But he’s not, Jeff Bezos is. So personally, I think that this system has a promise that is so big it can’t be delivered. 

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