Ricky Gutierrez’s Learn Plan Profit 2.0 Review

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Ricky Gutierrez grew up in a family that does business. From Mexico to the U.S., his family settled in general contracting by doing countertops and tiling services.

At a young age, Ricky was being taught important lessons and skills. When he was six, his dad brought him to work and asked to help him with little errands. Young Ricky became accustomed to waking up early at four o’clock. Ricky learned the art of working hard, as your efforts will get paid off. In his Learn Plan Profit, we will witness his story of success.


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Since he was exposed to working earlier than anyone else, it is no surprise that he initiated his side hustle when he reached his teenage years. He started fingerboarding along with his buddies. It is a trick show using a mini wooden skateboard that you ride using your fingers.

They made it a streaming sensation and earned an income of about three grand a month. He saved up his earnings and began looking for more opportunities to make money online. He started reading blogs and articles about making money from penny stocks. He believed he could do it too, so he tried.  

Ricky eventually opened a custodial trading account managed by his parents. Unfortunately, he failed and lost his entire savings. Then he and his cousin tried their hand at Amazon and Ebay. They made some money, but nothing to write home about.

Years passed until he finished high school, he eventually landed a side hustle as a telemarketer while going to ASU. As he grew and learned, he decided to go back into day trading with real stocks. That time, he was successful. He launched TechBud Solutions, a networking group for investors and entrepreneurs.

After high school, Ricky went to ASU and worked as a telemarketer on the side. He got back into day trading, but this time with real stocks. He later launched TechBud Solutions, a networking group for investors and entrepreneurs. He shifted his YouTube and Instagram content with lifestyle marketing. Aside from stocks, he also earned ad revenue and closed sponsored deals. His content was selling his Learn Plan Profit course. He teaches people how to make money in the stock market to monetize his audience.

Learn Plan Profit has already released its upgraded version 2.0., costing four hundred and ninety-nine dollars a lifetime. You could pay for two installments of two hundred and seventy-five dollars while strictly implementing a no-refund policy.

The new version was a self-study course. You’ll get to the starting point by watching made-for-you learning videos at your own pace. Upon purchasing, you’ll also get lifetime updates.

“Imagine being able to wake up, spend at most two hours on your computer or phone, and then getting to do whatever you want for the rest of the day, without worrying about your investments blowing up.

Or worse, spending too much time making trades and only driving a few bucks back. Doesn’t it make sense to invest your money wisely so you can have more time to do the things you truly love?” Ricky says.

The main goal of his learning platform is to dive into straightforward learning, fast profit, and minimizing the loss in your account.

Live trading is also included in the course. Ricky and his group will stream at the market open to let his followers witness how they do it hands-on. Via private group chat access, you’ll get daily updates. Their location is just south of Phoenix, Arizona. You can apply for a spot and expect to get out of their headquarters with knowledge about the practices, what to avoid, and having the right mindset. Ricky started in a rough spot, and he didn’t want you to experience that, so he shared his lesson learned from personal experiences.

Enrolment and average rate of return weren’t mentioned, does using his method cost too much or is it conservative? He didn’t mention that.

Currently, the market is in chaos. Given the global issues and inflation rates, who knows? The market could flop, but if you’re eager to try day trade or swing trade, just ask Ricky if he can also help you profit when stocks go down.

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