Taylor Welch’s Levels Of Wealth Review

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Taylor Welch opens with asking you, “What if you could take every single dollar that you make and turn it into two dollars, three dollars, five dollars, seven dollars? But, without having to do anything for it. Without having to work harder, work longer, or know all of the ins and outs of a totally messed up financial system.

For the last nine years I have studied financial intelligence.

And I have learned that there’s really only three things that you can do with your money.” Check out the rest of the review below.


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The first thing most people do with their money is spend it. Earn some then spend some, a vicious cycle that leads to living paycheck to paycheck.

Then second thing some people do is save it up. And honestly, that’s what you should do with a solid portion of your money. But not even the wealthiest of wealthy just save all the time…they do something else.

They multiply it over and over and over again. In fact, Taylor’s been doing the exact same thing himself for the last couple years now. He makes his money by selling courses and the reinvests it to the tune of making $3 back for every $1 he puts in. He’s walking proof that you don’t have to physically work hard to earn like a 1 percenter.

Recently Taylor launched Levels Of Wealth. It’s a course that teaches you the in and outs of trading, crypto, and even rehabbing real estate. It includes other bonus topics as well.

Look, the truth is that the Federal Reserve and the government have one thing in common. And that’s the fact they both could care less about you. The system is designed for only the elites (people with the most assets/net worth) to succeed.

Taylor has decided that’s what he wants to help people attack next. He wants to spread these little known secrets so that people just like you can become decently successful or even have the ability to create generational wealth at will. Keep reading.

“It’s so important that you learn how to multiply the money that comes into your life,” Taylor explains. “Because then you don’t have to work so hard, you can settle down, you can have a lot of fun. So let’s say I can put a one-point-five X multiple on every dollar I make.

And I start with two hundred and fifty grand, and I don’t add any extra capital. Well, by year eight, that quarter million is now worth four-point-two million. Think about that. That’s why there’s so much inequality.”

The rich get richer because they know how to play the game. They know they can invest money and see greater payments than they’d see working a 9-5. But I propose, and so does Taylor, that instead of complaining…how about you become one instead?

To do this there are 3 steps.

Taylor says you need to get your active income optimized and pumped up.

Whether it’s your job or side hustles, nail down your active sources of income.

Next you need to get your “buckets” right. A bucket is just a metaphor for something that will not only store what you’ve saved up, but also grow it in value..

Third you need your “moats” these are often businesses/sources of income that you can rely upon with crap goes down. Warren Buffet is great at this.

Sounds easy enough right? Well yes and no. If it was sooo easy wouldn’t everyone else be using his 3 part system? The biggest struggle with what Taylor proposes seems to be deal flow because of how hard it is to find the right ones. Another issue people have is determining how much to invest and where.

Beyond that, people might not have the network they need. They might not have access to the partners and mentors they need to succeed. Also, levels of wealth won’t be for everyone…you’ll need to be making a whopping $200k per year for you application to be considered. The full cost is unknown.

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