Supernova Penny Stock Pattern Review (Tim Sykes)

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Timothy Sykes has a little-known penny stock trader pattern that works great even if you don’t have a lot of money to start with. It’s something you can begin using right away. Tim recorded a step-by-step training that can show you how to make “quit your job” type money each and every month.

And again, all it takes is one simple penny stock pattern. It’s something Sykes stumbled upon twenty years ago, calling it The Supernova. Scroll down for my full review.


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It’s the quickness of it that creates several different opportunities, Tim says. You can buy on the way up, short sell on the way down, before the stock fades into oblivion a few weeks or months later.

“Now, I named it after supernovas in space, and it’s pretty much the same thing except that you’re dealing with stock prices. And they can be triggered by anything. Newsletter mentions, world events, message board hype, even company news. But it doesn’t matter what causes them.”

“All you’re looking for is the possibility that a supernova will occur,” Tim adds. “And then you can trade based on the pattern that I teach you. This is so simple because when a stock goes supernova, there’s tons of volatility and liquidity.

Now this means that there are a lot of shares available, which makes it easy to buy on the way up and short sell on the way down. And that’s why it’s my all-time favorite chart pattern to trade. Sometimes these shares triple, sometimes they quintuple, and sometimes they go up ten times.”

“The point is, they explode and nobody knows why. But all you need to know is that it’s a great opportunity to profit. Now of course, with trading, there are no guarantees. But, the potential is there.

Because, let’s face it, if you’re trying to grow a small or new account? You can’t afford to make mistakes. You need to follow a proven and idiot-proof technique right from day one or else, you know, you could wipe out your entire account with one wrong move.

So this is for those with a small or new account wanting to grow it into a six-figure-plus account.”

The penny stocks Tim’s talking about go for less than five bucks a share, which is why anyone can afford them. More practical than big, blue chip stocks that cost thousands per share. “That’s why I only trade low-priced penny stocks. It’s a no-brainer,” Tim says.

“I get it. If you already have a massive trading account, this is no concern for you. For everyone else, this simple pattern is for you. Now there are a few thousand stocks that trade for five dollars or less per share. And among those, the supernova pattern usually shows up a few times per month.”

“When you know how to spot it, you’ll quickly find a few penny stock trading opportunities every few weeks,” he continues. “And this only takes an hour or two a month. So, this one pattern traded a couple times per month, can bring in four, five, or even six figure gains each time.

Can you see how trades like those can add up and really change your life over time? Because, anytime you see this pattern, you’ll know that you have an opportunity to go after massive profits.”

“What would just one of these trades a month do for you? How about two? Or three? Now I’m not promising you’ll be able to do as well as I’ve done. But, I do promise to show you everything I’ve learned about it over the past twenty-plus years.

And you’ll wanna get this training right away, especially when you discover the price.” Which is? Just a one time fee of seven bucks. Plus a bazillion upsells, of course. Look, Timothy Sykes is a helluva marketer, but penny stocks? I just can’t get behind.

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