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Nick Estes has developed a novel approach to real estate investing.  He says that you can make a killing to the tune of $5k – $50k all while sitting in your underwear in your favorite recliner. 

There’s no need to buy ugly houses… no need to make repairs… and no need to get a license in real estate. Well, at least this is what his Facebook Ad says.


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Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I signed up for a free webinar after watching his ad.   It all starts with Nick’s background story.  In a nutshell, Nick comes from a tiny town in Maine… he got terrible grades in high school (so college was pretty much out of the question)… so he decided to go to work as a handyman when he graduated. 

So after years of pain-in-the-ass rehabs, he decided to take a shot at real estate investing in his home town all at the ripe old age of 30. 

The thing is, Nick had enough of fixing kitchen sinks, arguing with underhanded contractors that nickel and dime you, and always getting called in the middle of the night.  So, he chucked it all and moved South to Sunny Florida to strike it rich wholesaling online. Now, Nick makes a killing from his laptop flipping contracts. 

His favorite past-time is getting at least 9 holes (aka, playing golf) every day. He likes to say that the price of stuff is whatever part of your life you want in exchange for it. 

According to Nick, it’s a simple process. Find homes for a fraction of their market value and get a contract on them.  After that, it’s just a matter of finding a local investor who will buy it from you.  In fact, you never have to buy properties at all. You’re really just the middle man who connects the buyer with the seller.  And he says that it’s easy as pie. 

Nick emphasizes the one quality that sets him apart as a teacher: there is no mystery in practice. He is a living example of it. Currently, his organization does about 25 deals every month all over United States. According to him, the average transaction is valued around $10,000, which is about $3 million every year. That’s pretty damn impressive if you ask me! 

Nick emphasizes the value of wholesaling. Your contract is a valuable asset. You are in possession of a winning ticket if you have this. Without leaving your home, you can flip the slip of paper for millions. It’s a lot more flexible than other types of real estate investment.

Nick explains that it is crucial to find motivated sellers who will sell their property for a lower price. Someone who has inherited a property they no longer need or perhaps someone behind in their taxes or mortgage payments. Someone who is just divorcing.

Or you have a new job in another state and need to sell quickly. A landlord with terrible tenants. Now I’m sure you’re getting the picture. So the question is, how can you market to these people?

This is where Nick’s software can help – Estes Data. After signing in, you select the type of prospect you are looking for, then choose a location to run the report. The report will give you a list of homeowners that match your criteria. Click Save. It will open. This is the part that I would never do – start cold calling or texting them. 

If they’re interested in selling, you can qualify them over the phone to sell by using Nick’s script. Negotiate a great price. Send them a copy of the purchase contract. You can get it e-signed. Locate a local photographer to take photos of the location.

Next, go back to Nick’s software. Another report can be run. To find potential investors within the same city:

  1. Run another report.
  2. Send photos and your best pitch for getting them interested in buying the property. You might get offers.
  3. Choose the best one and send them an assignment contract.
  4. Collect e-signatures.

Once you have signed the contracts, email them to a local attorney or closing company. They’ll handle everything from there. Voila! You get the difference between these two contracts on the close date. You’ll get either a check in the mail or, even better, a wire transfer.

Let’s now get to the pitch. Nick has just what you need: help with this and access to his clever little software. WiFi Flipping Academy is its name. The eight modules are simple and will guide you through making “fast cash” from your laptop. Nick’s words, not mine. You will receive all of Nick’s proven scripts and systems, contracts, access his Help Hotline, JV Partnership Program, and many bonuses.

WiFi Flipping School costs $1,997. If you decide not to buy immediately and return to Facebook, he will send you a retargeting advertisement that allows you to enter for six monthly installments of $287. I had no issues overall. I think Nick is a decent guy who follows through on his promises, so I accept his offer. But I do like our business model better. You can see why by clicking below.

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