Anthony Morrison’s Partner With Anthony Program Review

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It looks like Anthony Morrison pushes new marketing opportunities week after week. This week’s theme is Partner With Anthony (PWA). I just recently watched his YouTube commercial about it. It’s a clever approach. Selling gadgets on Amazon can be a pain in the ass… but doing affiliate marketing (which is what he teaches) is a piece of cake!

Of course, nobody in their right mind would pass up an opportunity to work with an internet millionaire like him.  But before you jump in the deep end with both feet, there’s something we need to talk about first. 

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Anthony does not pretend that affiliate marketing is a novel concept. In fact, the concept is as old as business itself . You can make money by referring consumers to other businesses. It’s quick… it’s simple… and there aren’t many other business models that can beat it.  

The proprietor can concentrate on the development, marketing, invoicing, support, recruiting, termination, and other concerns. The only things that you need to worry about is sending traffic to his site . It’s custom-made for both newbies and those with a hectic schedule. With all that said, what do you think you’d like to sell? 

Digital products, such as courses and software, are fantastic because the prices of production is so inexpensive. Vendors have the financial means to pay more, but not the luxury of jeopardizing their own sales and profits. This is where Anthony comes in. 

Anthony will not only teach you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, but he will also reward you to bring him additional sales. That one caught me off guard. Alright, so Partner With Anthony might sound a little like an MLM. 

But I’m not opposed to the concept. I understand why so many people join network marketing businesses or start out as affiliate marketers. These models allow newcomers to skip a lot of processes and save a lot of the stress that comes with starting a business.

With significantly fewer skills, you can flourish. You simply need one skill, like Anthony stated. You must be skilled at directing highly focused visitors to a high-converting offer. That is all there is to it. You can make money if you can do that.

Anthony Morrison is an internet marketer who has had a lot of success. It’s simple to think that his marketing and sales techniques would perform just as well as any other. There is an appeal. Yes. Given how much he costs for his curriculum, it’s really affordable.

It’ll only set you back $97 if you join Anthony’s team. Who, after all, could say no to this? Consider what would happen if tens of thousands more affiliates came in to promote PWA using the same methods, messaging, and landing sites as you. Getting noticed will be difficult.

It’s a fantastic idea, and I doubt anyone would be embarrassed to try it. This is the only cautionary note I can offer. The lower the entrance barrier is for an online business model, you can bet the competition will be pretty high. It’s a no-brainer. 

Anyone with $7 in their pocket can use PWA for free.  But I can imagine thousands of other affiliate using the same content and sales funnels that you’re using to advertise PWA? It will be difficult to stand out.

Everyone will soon be clamoring for the crumbs. This does not make Anthony a horrible person. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t jump into PWA. However, you must be practical before you get started. To make money with this, you’ll need to be one of the best traffic drivers on the planet.

It’s really just a matter of running the numbers. If 10,000 affiliates each made $10,000 per month with PWA, the total revenue would be $100 million per month. Anthony might be brilliant, but not that exceptional. There just aren’t enough people in the marketplace to sustain something like that. 

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