Anton Kraly Reviews Big Ticket Strategy

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Anton Kraly has a way to make three hundred bucks or more per sale by dropshipping domestic products on Shopify.

If you think you’ve heard all there is to be said about drop shipping, think again. Anton doesn’t teach the whole sourcing cheap products from China thing.

Long lead times and big ad spend and low profit margins and nonstop customer complaints simply don’t exist with his method.

Okay, so what types of unicorn products is Anton selling? Scroll down for my Drop Ship Lifestyle review.


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Anton doesn’t divulge any insider secrets. He just says something to the effect of, they find premium priced products and partner with the owners in some capacity. And if you’re wondering why those brands wouldn’t just sell direct to consumer, it’s because that’s not their area of expertise. It’s not what they do. The retail business, the business of getting customers and doing marketing and then taking care of those customers, is not who Anton’s students typically partner with.

They find manufacturers who focus on product improvement, logistics, mass production, who are not equipped to act as full-fledged retail businesses, and that is who they partner with. It’s a win-win. Anton and company are happy to bring them the sales they need; to handle all of the positioning and copywriting and conversions and traffic-getting and scaling that goes into it. Are you still not quite following?

“An easy way to make sense out of this,” Anton begins in his most recent YouTube ad, “is if you just compare it to a local strip mall, let’s say in your home town, wherever you are right now. You’re walking down the street, you’re walking past a bunch of stores; in those stores, the retailers, the products that they have on their shelves most likely are not products that they manufacture.”

“They sell for other companies,” he continues. “Again, that’s exactly what we do and what our Dropship Lifestyle students do, except we focus on high ticket products and we have a very very very specific way that we find our suppliers, get approved with them, and get traffic. Meaning, website visitors. People that actually want to buy what we have to sell.”

“And by doing that, we build businesses that not only benefit our bank accounts, but also benefit our customers and the brands that we sell for as well. So, really, it’s a win-win-win relationship. And, in my opinion, there is no better way to build a business with no prior experience in 2021 than following what I do and what I teach at Drop Ship Lifestyle.” Anton then asks you to go ahead and click the button and register for his free training that’s about to start.

At the tail end of the YouTube ad, he does finally offer some insight into product selection that could lead to that three hundred dollar (net profit) per sale number. The white board he was writing on, for instance, could work. The table slash workspace in the background.

The ergonomic office chair. Artificial plants. Even the windows. Even things like the tile flooring he’s standing on can be dropshipped. To answer any remaining questions you might have, check out Anton’s award-winning program, The Drop Ship Blueprint. Or click below for a simpler, more leveraged model.

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