Sophie Howard’s Aspiring Entrepreneurs Review

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You might recognize Sophie Howard from her new podcast called Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Basically this little show is all about motivating you and teaching you how to become a thriving entrepreneur. She’ll help you find your strengths and weaknesses, even guide you to which business model she’ll think you’ll be most successful in.

Sophie also provides you with a quiz to take that’ll determine what type of direction your entrepreneurial spirit is leaning towards.


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The first character type is the creator. This is the type of person who adapts quickly, can see opportunity, and can be innovative with solutions that solve those problems.

The great thing about a creator is that nothing and no one gets in their way. They don’t care about the red tape and being nice. People like this are always in high demand.

If this is what describes you, that means you’re a tough person to replace because of how much value you bring to your team.

Beyond that, creators absolutely crush it in chaotic environments for some reason. That’s why they do so well in the startup world.

If this is you, you always seem to be passionate about your work. Honestly, most people aren’t. The one downside you might have though is finishing. You’re great at launching things but have a hard time bringing up the rear.

In my opinion, that’s why you’ll need to pair up with people who can complete your idea. We call these people executors. As a creator it’s important to make sure your communication is on point and always improving. That way people are motivated with your big ideas.

The second character type conveyed by her quiz is the connector. This is someone who likes creating successful relationships by bringing two or more A players together. Connectors are great helping people get their ideas out there because “they always know a guy”.

Connectors are often great at managing. They allow their creator to keep their time free so they can do what they’re good at…creating.

The third character type is the operator. This is the person that is great at creating systems that can run without his/her need for intervention 24/7. Essentially, they’re handed a ball of chaos and with their skills and abilities create order. That way everything stays on schedule and your customers are happy.

Believe me, every creator needs an operator in their lives. But guess what, some people can be both. For example, Jeff Bezos. This guy is both the creator of Amazon but also an operator. He is so obsessed with systems and efficiency that he refuses to set his drivers on routes that require left turns…

Fourth and finally, you have the automator. This is the person that’s a tech wiz and can use software and the technology available to make the most out of the time available. Most of the leading automators today can be found in Silicon valley.

A couple examples that come to mind are Uber and Airbnb. It’s these types of huge companies that attract big money investors because of how scalable they are. Also, if you can get into SAAS, you’ll make bank.

In the future, Sophie Howard plans to bring on guests that represent each of those 4 categories and has built a successful business. In the meantime you can download her book Digital Asset Investor or listen to previous episodes of Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

If you want more access to Sophie Howard though, you can cough up a few thousand bucks to get one on one coaching through her Freedom Navigator Program. But if you’re looking for something different, checkout this thing I’ve got for you below…

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