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You may not know but the Law of Attraction is defined: as “What you think about, you attract”, that is according to Jeff Learner.  In other words, you’ll unconsciously attract specific outcomes depending on the ideas that preceded the acts that led to creating those outcomes. Can I dream about my dream car and get it as 1,2,3? Absolutely not.

Is there any truth to this, or is it simply nonsense? There is a great deal of discussion regarding it. Is it just a  fabrication designed to promote movies, books, and seminars? Jeff believes that we should not discard it just because we are unable to explain it fully.  We have a natural tendency to fantasize, which is OK as long as there is a goal in mind.


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More good things seem to happen. He discovered that in his personal life when he thinks more favorably. His optimistic beliefs are reinforced as a result, and he attracts more great things into his life. This is the polar opposite of a vicious cycle. How I wish I had the same thinking as Jeff also.

“So I’m gonna suggest that the Law of Attraction is powerful, really important, and frankly, something that we should be teaching the children,” Jeff argues. And, yes, it hasn’t been scientifically established, but what does it matter? What does science  do most of the time if it doesn’t merely show us what we already know?

Jeff’s position is that we should be able to trust occurrences in the universe simply because they have been seen, regardless of whether or not we can completely explain them. Putting it into practice, monitoring the results, and drawing your conclusions should be at the very least something you are willing to do.

Isn’t there much of a disadvantage? And let’s not forget about the positive aspects, shall we? Furthermore, take a look at all of the millionaire slash miraculous morning slash power hour material that is available. Isn’t most of it based on the Law of Attraction in some way or another?

After working with hundreds of students at Entre Institute, Jeff has seen time and time again that there is no stronger predictor of future success than the ideas that someone has about their future success when they are thinking about it.

Bob Proctor, Jeff’s long-time mentor, feels that this is because human beings possess better cognitive abilities. Imagine having the ability to use your imagination and willpower to create something new. Imagine having the ability to use inductive and deductive reasoning. In any case, how do you put the Law of Attraction to the test?

You may not believe it but Jeff recommends these just three practical steps: The first step is to take action. It’s not enough to sit around and daydream about your perfect life; you have to do something about it.

“If you’re not gonna do different stuff, don’t bother thinking positive thoughts,” Jeff advises. You will desensitize or disempower yourself, and you will atrophy the portions of your brain attempting to think more positive ideas in the alternative. It becomes more difficult to think positively the more pessimistic you are.”

Maintaining consistency is the second step. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody at all. The Law of Attraction is not something that can be done on a whim; whenever you remember to do it, expect your life to go off in a positive direction.

What also unbelievable is that Jeff recommends giving yourself only three months to see the rewards of your efforts to apply the Law of Attraction begin to grow, To complete Step Three, consider the three Ps of your life (physical, personal, and professional), and write down negative thinking in each of those areas.

To transform your negative thoughts into positive ones:

  1. Put them through a Law of Attraction filter of some kind.
  2. Consider taking it a step farther.
  3. Transform them into distinct images that your subconscious mind can comprehend and remember.

As a result, “I constantly overindulge in junk food at night” might be transformed into “I always binge on junk food at night” might become “I nourish my body with healthy fruits and vegetables before bed.”

Sure… and after that, you’ll notice purple grapes and red strawberries and green kale and yellow bell peppers, among other things. He advises doing all of the above for ninety days and then seeing what occurs.

Law of Attraction is really a must!

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