Reviewing Adam Cherrington’s Affiliate Arbitrage Strategy

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You may have seen a Youtube ad in which Adam Cherrington bragged about how he made $453,000 in a month through affiliate marketing. By looking at it, he’s making an incredible 40% profit margin, which translates to around $90,000 in monthly income..

And it has nothing to do with today’s popular platforms, such as Amazon, Shopify, or even Facebook. This one takes a very different approach. And this guy is on a quest to ensure that others share in his success. His method was believed to be tried and tested for turning you into a Super Affiliate. I’m sure you’re eager to find out how. So stick with me and continue reading for my Adam Cherrington review.


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So, to get a real sense of what he’s saying, I tried signing up for his free workshop to see all the hype. I sat there listening to him speak, and he piqued my interest by revealing how much money he spends on paid ads. Guys, it’s a whopping $30 million in the last three years. But the good news is that he gets at least one-third of what he spent as a Super Affiliate, which amounts to about ten million dollars if we do the math.

Another question you may have is, do I have to create my own products or services, or anything in between? NO, it does not include things like shipping, customer service, or even complicated technical things like Shopify stores, ClickFunnels, or WordPress.

Adam also mentioned that he now has the freedom he has always wanted because he can work from the comfort of his own home. His schedule is flexible, which means he has more time for himself and those he cares about. He’s also been able to travel several times in a year. And this is where he logs into The Affiliati Network’s main affiliate account and completes his work. He is, without a doubt, the real deal.

Everything he says here is quite impressive. In fact, his revenue from 2016 to 2019 was around $3 million. Wow! The following video will then show up, which is about one of Adam’s previous training programs called Inbox2020. I don’t know about you, but I find this one confusing and a little out of date.

Then Adam talks about what he does in general, which is called “affiliate arbitrage.” Here, he used a weight loss product as an example. In this case, he gets $60 for each sale and uses paid ads to get more people to see them. When as a whole, it only cost him about $40 per order.

Meaning he’ll get to keep the remaining $20 for each transaction. This guy particularly focuses on weight loss and beauty products. Why? Because he believes it has more potential, reliability, and scalability.

Adam is pretty much wise to think of these products since we all know that it’s the women who spend a lot of dollars online. We are speaking about a large age group here, around the forties to sixties. And when it comes to traffic, Adam finds Email lists helpful. This is not basically the list he made on his own. 

It’s another people’s list. You can find thousands or even millions of paid marketers to promote your products for you. This is said to be very convenient unlike Facebook and Youtube, their constantly changing rules can lead you to unintentional violations that can get banned or kicked out from the platform. 

What is his strategy for this? He’ll tell you to start by testing your offer with a low-cost sponsored email. This is where you’ll get a quick shout-out in your email. Once you’ve confirmed that it’s working, you can upgrade to a more expensive dedicated email that focuses solely on advertising your affiliate product.

Another smart move this guy does is outsourcing workers from other countries to do the hard parts of the work for a little dollar. This includes designing, landing page creation, and things a virtual assistant does. 

Now if you want to experience one-on-one mentoring with Adam, there is a screening that you need to pass. But don’t get that excited since this will also cost you at least $10,000. Many people are giving a hard pass upon hearing the cost. I don’t blame them, that’s a huge amount of money. However, if you have the money and still want to pursue it. I only have two questions for you.

First, do you want to build a business over which you have no control? Second, are you really up to the thought of selling some kind of a magic cream that can make you look 20 years younger? Not me at all. If you want a better way of doing business than Adam Cherrington, click below.

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