Clients On Demand Review (Russ Ruffino)

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Russ Ruffino has just one question for you. Do you know where your next client is coming from? If not, and assuming you’re a coach, consultant, expert, author, or speaker, perhaps his flagship program, Clients On Demand, can help. COD costs anywhere from $9k to $15k.

Inside, there’s an upsell for a mastermind that reportedly costs another $30k to $50k. Here’s my review.


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Ruffino rants about how the greedy gurus, with their fake life of luxury, have been lying to you. They tell you that, in order to attract clients, you need to create content nonstop, spam social media, upload videos, start a podcast, pay big bucks for a fancy website, and so on and so forth.

Just one problem: nobody wants any part of it. “So what if I told you that I’ve built a $50 million dollar coaching company without any of that stuff?” Russ asks in his latest YouTube ad. He then logs into his Stripe payment processor and shows proof of the $50 million.

For me, here’s the first red flag. Because the thing is, Clients On Demand does do all of that stuff. They have a YouTube channel. A podcast. They actively post on Facebook and Instagram.

Their beautifully-designed custom website, professional photo shoots, and perfectly-produced videos must have cost a small fortune. This matters. It’s not some little white lie. This is the foundation of Russ Ruffino’s entire COD pitch. “I made millions without doing any of that garbage, and so can you!” Um, no. That’s completely false.

The other thing I can’t get over is how pyramid scheme-y it all seems. I mean, think about it. Other than Brian, the supposed seven-figure handstand coach that Ruffino’s always humble-bragging about, aren’t the vast majority of COD members just like Russ? Meaning, coaches who coach coaches? And then, same thing for their clients? To infinity?

If so, how is this different than an MLM? What’s to keep it from getting saturated? Won’t you just be fighting over Russ Ruffino’s scraps? Using less polished versions of his ads, funnel pages, and presentation? If so, who do you suppose people are going to buy from?

You, the copycat, with zero social proof? Or Russ and his squeaky-clean team, sitting atop the pyramid, sipping iced white chocolate mochas? Be honest.

Another thing to consider is that, even if a small percentage of COD students were successful, wouldn’t Russ be slitting his own wrist by selling this? What might that say about the success rate of Clients On Demand? (Or lack thereof?) I’m not trying to be mean.

Or overly cynical here. They’re asking you to invest a huge chunk of change. It’s my job to play devil’s advocate. Or what’s the point of doing a review in the first place?

And look. You shouldn’t blindly trust me either. I’m biased too. I’d like you to consider our program. But if and when you do, I think you’ll find that it’s way more affordable. Risk-free. Far less competitive. Far more ethical. And much more practical for the average person to pull off.

Equally important, we don’t try to sell you with wild income claims. Or lie about what would be required of you, to make it more appealing. There’s no ad spend, which is a pretty big deal. And, unlike the “big ticket expert space,” instead of a handful of lucrative niches, there are millions. Which is why our students win, too, and it doesn’t affect us one bit. Tap below. We’ll elaborate.

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