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You probably know about Caroline if you’ve heard anything about My Freedom Empire. She goes ahead and answers some of the most commonly asked questions about Amazon KDP. So what can be classified as a low content book? Literally anything like journals, planners, or even recipe books because they have like no pictures and almost no content. But is low content book publishing too competitive by now? Caroline would say no.

I won’t BS ya, it’s pretty tough to rank a book in some niches. But I think you’ve still got a chance in some areas.


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After you publish your low content book on Amazon or Kindle, can you make changes? Unfortunately not, however you can email KDP support about your mistake and what needs fixed.

I think they’re pretty good at helping you make changed, but if on the off chance they won’t…you’ll need to create a brand new listing with the correct changes and remove the old one.

Is it easy to publish you low content books with Amazon KDP? “To be honest, not very,” Caroline says. “It’s not an easy get rich quick kind of deal. KDP is quite hard work. And that is regardless of whether you’re publishing high content or low content books.

There are lots of people who’ve jumped onto this business model recently, so there’s a lot more people competing for space on Amazon marketplace. And everyone’s copying each other, so you’ve got your work cut out for you.”

How do you know which images you can and cannot use on your low content books cover? Simple just check out the images license. If it’s standard, you’re good to go…if it’s editorial…find another image lol.

Is low content publishing by KDP a scam? Not at all. Loads of people are making money with it. To be honest, those usually calling things a scam are usually people who never put the work in or just gave up early.

Are you allowed to make more than one KDP account. Negative soldier. If your account gets taken down you’re not allowed to make another.

Are you allowed to sell your low content books anywhere else?

Yeah, so long as you get a proper ISBN and don’t use the one from KDP. If you make a quick google search you’ll find where to buy them. Just remember you’ll need a unique ISBN for each format you publish with your low content book.

How do I get more sales for my low content books? Sorry pal, just because you list it on Amazon and expect money to start lining your pockets. You’ve got to get the ball rolling on your own. Once you grow organically, Amazon will help you keep it going.

To get sales in right away you could reach out to influencers, run ads, and even blast it to your email list if you have one. Essentially to make money, you’ll have to spend money on advertising.

How many low content books do I have to sell to make good money? Well honestly, there’s no specific number. Several people have made 10’s of books and made nothing. Others made bank with just one book. In my opinion, it all comes down to quality because a quality book will almost always make money.

Am I able to ask for reviews? Yes, but you better make sure you don’t get caught faking reviews…that’s a big no no on amazon. For any more Q&A’s check out Caroline’s channel on YouTube.

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