Jordan Welch: Why Shopfiy Dropshipping Isn’t Dead

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Dropshipping has really been popular for quite some time. Everyone seems to have a Shopify store these days. The competitiveness is no laughing matter. The days of chucking a wide range of stuff against a wall, testing a variety of items, and seeing what sticks are long gone. You’ll get left in the dust.

Your goods must be fantastic and in high demand. Timelines for delivery must be reasonable, and your customer support must be top shelf. All that just to have a chance to sell your stuff. 

So, where are we now? You must out-market everyone else.


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According to Jordan Welch, a YouTuber and big-time dropshipper (via Shopify), “Nowadays, the only way to win is to focus on becoming the best marketer and finding a high quality product that people actually want to use.

Let’s break this down. Becoming a good marketer in this game requires four main skills. Copywriting, video editing, website design, and running ads. Everybody that crushes it with dropshipping has each of these skills and is continuously improving them.”

If you’re a newbie or struggling, it’s a misconception to believe you can outsource such tasks and still be competitive. 

“When I was first starting, I didn’t necessarily focus on this,” Jordan says. “I had some of these skills from the past, but I didn’t focus on sharpening them.

And, as a result, I was randomly testing products, wasting thousands of dollars on ads, and it made it difficult for me to feel like I was making progress.”

Jordan’s performance skyrocketed as he focused on these 4 fundamental areas. He was able to show his customers that he knew what he was doing in copywriting and video editing in particular. Most likely, that random Fiverr person won’t be able to help you. Instead, look for commercials, videos, and landing sites that resonate to you, then pick apart their programs and mimic what they did.

Of course, putting your own twist on it and  copying openly will get you in trouble and teach you nothing.

Furthermore, if you’re unsure, look it up on YouTube. There are tons of great tutorials available about how to set up an Ecommerce site, design it, edit videos, produce your first campaign, and so on. You have no argument not to master these techniques.

And, as Jordan advises, use the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).  You don’t need a convoluted plan, like with commercials. Your product should be  the center of attention. Is it possible for you to make a demonstration video? Or at the very least, take some good photos to show off? If you can do this, your conversions are bound to skyrocket!

Also, when it comes to your products, exercise good judgment. You could waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel, but why?   Stick to things that are already popular and have a lot of positive feedback. The best way to do this is to locate something popular, tweak it somewhat, and use it as the centerpiece of your marketing. Jordan would be the one to know.

That’s why he’s been able to sell nearly $2 Million through his Shopify sites thus far. He’s created a total digital treasure by putting in the effort.

Is dropshipping doomed to fail in 2022? 

Nope,  but today’s beast is quite different. There’s a lot more people, and there’s a lot less margin for error.

Don’t be lazy, take ownership, work on refining those high-value abilities Jordan said, and approach it like a business, not a lousy side gig, to give yourself the best chance at success. Check out the link below for something with a lot more potential, with no tangible products to inventory and no shipping or support concerns.

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