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Brent Kocal has a lot of fire in his gut. Every morning, he rises at 4:35. 

Yep. Every. Single. Day. 

By 5 am, he’s at the gym already. For his protein drinks, he keeps track of the quantity of coconut milk he adds. He does a quick check on the weight of his chicken. 

Brent Kocal, ladies and gentleman. He is that guy. 

He reads two to three books a month, spends 40 minutes a day meditating, and relentlessly devotes himself to the most important aspects of his business. He also makes it a point to date his wife twice a week and once with each one of his kids.


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But it doesn’t end there. It’s said that Brent goes to sleep around 9:37 pm every single night. Exactly to the second. Is it even possible? People around him thought he was insane. At some point, he also thought he was crazy. 

He began to wonder whether there was anything unusual about his brain. This amount of self-discipline is impossible to achieve.

Is it normal? No. But there’s a way to learn it. 

And Brent is happy to share his knowledge. In fact, his Ruthless Results program will teach you how to 10X your productivity.

Self-discipline is the only thing that counts. In business, health, relationships, everything, even a one-degree change in the right direction may have a huge impact. Begin by acknowledging that you need to stop lying to yourself.

You can’t keep making promises to yourself and then failing to follow through. Otherwise, you’ll have no confidence in yourself. You run the risk of self-loathing, and you may not have a sense of fulfillment

What can you do to reverse this? The next phase is to concentrate on the little victories that add up over time. You create little objectives (five push-ups, one glass of water, praise your wife, take out the garbage, send that cold email), and then you do them one at a time. Consistently. You begin to rewire your brain towards success due to this process.

By creating a daily routine, you can shield yourself from these bad behaviors. Like our guy Brent here.

Intentionality is the third step. Be prepared for the outcomes you do not desire when you go about your day without a clear goal in mind for your efforts. So make sure you know what you’re aiming at. This completes your operating system’s foundation.

This is your default mode of conduct, even if everything around you is in a state of disarray.

With the aid of the Ruthless Results program, you may skip to the front of the line. As a matter of fact, you could go to the read books or watch YouTube videos on discipline and build your own strategy. And you will see results. But the question is, will it be fast enough for you?

Or would you rather Brent bring the outcomes of the future, right here and right now? Instead of getting you to work like a machine for 13 hours a day, you will be more efficient. He explains that if you put in the correct effort, you may reduce the amount of time it takes.

Ruthless is a four-step process. First, the body. Things are easier when you’re in peak physical and mental condition. The second consideration is one’s frame of mind. Establishing a sense of calm and space is important. There’s also the issue of money. You need to make money to live the life you desire. Spirit is the fourth and final phase. 

Acknowledging and expressing gratitude, and then wielding it as a superpower. Set up a phone call with Brent to apply for Ruthless Results. It’s not clear what the price is. 

In the past, I’ve been skeptical of life coach-type services like this, but I’m not sure. There were some positive aspects to the experience, as well. And he seems to be on top of his game. Thus, I believe it may work for the right person. 

Joshua T Osborne

Founder/CEO – Mr. & Mrs. Leads

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