Anton Kraly Offers Advice On Shopify Dropshipping

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Do you want to make money on Shopify? Founder of Drop Ship Lifestyle, Anton Kraly shares how: make sure you consistently are checking in with the top tier suppliers in your niche.

“What I mean by that, and if you’re a member of Dropship Lifestyle you’ll know this, but I recommend finding at least twenty potential brands to sell for; high quality brands that make products that people want,” Anton says, “that are warehoused domestically.”


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“Now, from day one, if you’re a new store, guess what?” he says. “They’re not all gonna approve you. And some people might make a couple calls, get rejected, and think, ‘Oh man, let me go the easy route.’ And then they go and try to dropship using the arbitrage model.

Or maybe they plug in an app to their Shopify store that lets ’em dropship from China, just because it’s easier. No need to keep calling suppliers and keep getting rejected, right?”

Don’t let yourself stumble into this trap. You still have to do the grunt work to become an authorized retailer. Anton still does even though he’s been doing this for 15 years. So make sure you keep following up with those top tier suppliers and lock in as many as you can.

It is important to keep your business diverse, don’t put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Just because one gave you the thumbs up doesn’t mean you should stop there.

Every successful dropshipper puts time into uploading their products. A lot of people get lazy here, and those are the ones who aren’t making money. I mean, who wants to upload hundreds or even thousands of products? The people who want to make money, that’s who. Welcome to the club.

If you’re here because you want to be a successful dropshipper, you’ll need to embrace the repetitive nature of this system. Upload every product, don’t cut corners. Make sure to post high quality pictures, well thought out titles, descriptions, bullets, etc.

Your goal is to make sure every customer who visits your store is whipping out their credit cards, compelled to buy whatever you’re selling

Anton also says “The third thing everybody making money dropshipping is doing is talking to their customers. Especially in the beginning. And you might be thinking, ‘Well, how can you only work ten, twenty hours a week if you’re running a huge store and you have all these customers?’

Well listen, over time, once you know your business better, then yes, you outsource things and you just oversee your team. But before that, you need to talk to your customers.”

What he’s saying is: make sure you answer your customer’s messages, ask for reviews, look over your reviews, see what people liked and didn’t like, if you have a live chat or phone number make sure you’re monitoring those, etc.

Point is, if you want to make money with drop shipping the money isn’t going to magically appear in your bank account. You need to put in the work and grind. THEN, you’ll start making money.

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