eBay Dropshipping In 2022 According To Paul J Lipsky

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Paul J Lipsky is a dropshipping expert that helps individuals make money. And, despite the fact that most experts recommend doing it on Shopify, he still believes in eBay is the better option. 

“eBay Dropshipping is an amazing opportunity if you’re looking to start your first online business,” Paul says, “because you’re able to create relatively passive income for pretty cheap. Sadly though, what most people are teaching about dropshipping just doesn’t work anymore. I’ll show you what does work here in 2022.” 

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Here’s how eBay dropshipping works if you’re not familiar with it. You’ve got your online-shopping customer first. Kayla is her name and she plans on buying something from eBay for $100.   But, in this fictional scenario, you’re the one who’s going to sell it to her. 

But here’s the kicker: the gadget she bought from you… It’s not even yours. In fact, you’ve never even bought it for yourself or know anyone who has.  Ironically, when she orders it from you, turn around and have your supplier send it to her. 

Naturally, you’ll want to buy it from that manufacturer for less money than what Kayla paid in order to make a profit, right? So, let’s assume you’re able to get it for $75. The merchandise is then shipped directly to Kayla by the supplier.

Kayla receives what she wanted, the supplier earns some revenue, and you pocket $25. It was faster and safer to get started with no stock, delivery, or website, and you didn’t have to spend any money on the product first. 

It’s a really simple business model and Paul believes anyone (yes, even you) can make one sale with eBay dropshipping. And once you do that? You’ll wanna do it again and again and again, until you’re making some real money

Paul believes that the business model is a cakewalk to learn and even the busiest person could make their first sale dropshipping eBay products.  And you repeat this process over and over, because if you can make even $1 dollar with dropshipping, you can make $1,000. 

Sure, but has eBay gone the way of the DoDo bird? I mean, the last time I checked, everybody shops at Amazon, Etsy and Shopify, don’t they? Sure building an eBay business is a waste of time and money, right.  Well, Paul would beg to differ, because he says that eBay is still going strong in 2022!

Apparently eBay still gets customers on a daily basis. If you think about it, the big difference between eBay and Shopify is that eBay has its own traffic, whereas with Shopify you have to find customers on your own.  That’s a huge disadvantage. 

“Well in that case, wouldn’t I be better off selling on Amazon or Walmart, both of which have way more daily shoppers?” As Paul puts it… 

“Not necessarily,” Paul says, “because they’ve also got way more sellers too (meaning, more competition).”

eBay does have some major advantages as a marketplace which include lower entry barriers and a more relaxed atmosphere than what you’ll find on Amazon.com. So you’re not trembling in fear of receiving the dreaded “Your account has been cancelled” notification. So, presuming Paul gets you set up for dropshipping on eBay, here’s how you can get going. Visit eBay.com, create a free profile, and enter your bank account information so they can pay you once you start selling.

So, the next question is whether you should choose between retail or wholesale dropshipping.  With wholesaling, you don’t have to worry so much about competition, so you can make more money.  But you can get rolling with retail a lot faster. 

It’s up to you… but clearly wholesaling is Paul’s top choice. In fact, he even suggest going to InventorySource.com for your suppliers. 

The process is pretty simple:  

  • List your product details on eBay
  • Upload a few pictures
  • Display the price
  • Go live

Then when someone buys something from you, have your supplier ship it directly to your customers address

Boom… Your first profit!

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