Fitness CEOs Review (Tanner Chidester)

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Tanner Chidester has a new YouTube ad calling out personal trainers and fitness professionals.

If that’s you, and if you love helping people but never seem to make enough money; or maybe you hired a coach who charged you five to ten grand but they couldn’t deliver because they’re no longer in the trenches, perhaps he can help.

Over the last few years, he’s built a nearly eight figure fitness business, both by training clients and teaching other fitness experts how to build six and seven figure businesses. Scroll down for my Fitness CEOs review.


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“Some of the problems you might be having in your fitness business is inconsistent leads, inconsistent sales, or just not knowing how to go all in,” Tanner says in his overview video.

“The good new is, I know exactly how you feel. See, a few years ago, I was trying to start my own online fitness business. In fact, I dropped out of school at Texas A&M, I had one year left on my engineering program,” he trails off.

Ultimately, he made that move because he believed he was destined for something greater. But for the first two years he was in business he made a grand total of two thousand dollars.

It wasn’t from lack of effort. When he wasn’t working part-time at Olive Garden, he was networking, going door-to-door, cold calling, doing online marketing, anything to get new personal training clients.

“But after a lot of trial and error, my third year, I went from zero to seven figures,” Tanner recalls. Now he’s here to teach you his three step process to follow in his footsteps. The first thing you need to understand is that transitioning online is more scalable, less costly, and way more profitable.

Working in a gym is great, you can take a lot of pride in that, but you’re still trading time for money.

“So even if you make a hundred dollars an hour, you have to be there working every single second,” Tanner rants. “If you take time off for vacation, if you leave, if you need a day off, you don’t get paid. That’s not a great place to be. When you’re working online, you get paid, rain or shine, or even if you’re sick.

And that’s one of the benefits that I’m sure you’re not experiencing right now.”

Next, Tanner says, you need to understand that there’s a specific process one must follow in order to build a profitable online fitness business. First, you gotta know how to get leads. Then sales. Then go on to do great fulfillment and keep your clients happy.

There are many moving parts that go into this process; nailing each one is key to a lucrative and sustainable virtual fitness business.

The goal inside of Fitness CEOs is to help you through this process. To show you, step-by-step, how to get leads, turn them into clients, then serve and support them. That way, the money keeps flowing while you travel, enjoy your time, and get the life that you deserve.

Tanner has a page full of case studies and testimonials from current Fitness CEO members. He does not say what it costs, but other reviews seem to think it’s ten grand to join. You’ll have to book a call to confirm that.

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