Zero To Dangerous Review

For a limited time the Flow Research Collective is offering a free peak performance assessment.

It’ll show you how to increase your motivation, obliterate procrastination, and unleash your full potential.

“Here’s the thing,” says CEO Rian Doris in their latest YouTube ad, “you’re smart, you’re a highly skilled pro, you’ve probably got big goals and a proven track record of getting results.”

There’s a but coming. Read on to see what it is and check out my Zero To Dangerous review.


This  review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

“But,” Rian continues, “even if you’re stacked with loads of free time, the ability to focus is challenging. If you’ve got no motivation, none of the rest matters. You won’t get to work. You won’t perform. You won’t do all the things that you know you need to do but just ain’t doing.

Motivation is at the core of all learning, all skill acquisition, and at the epicenter of all aspects of high performance.” Rian and his partner, bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize nominee, Steven Kotler, know the source of endless motivation.

It’s called flow state. You know, the experience of being in the zone. A state of total immersion and focus. When you’re in flow state, you feel and perform your best. You become up to one thousand percent more motivated and productive.

Their team at the Flow Research Collective has a shortcut to supercharging and sustaining maximum motivation. A proven protocol that combines five things: autonomy, mastery, curiosity, passion, and purpose.

That five part neurochemical cocktail helps you get armed and dangerous. Armed in the sense that you are richly resourced to accomplish almost anything you want. And dangerous in that you have a significantly unfair advantage and can make all competition, self doubt, or obstacles utterly irrelevant.

The biggest benefit? You get unstoppable motivation. “In our flagship training, Zero To Dangerous, we’ll work with you one-on-one to integrate these five flow drivers into your life,” Rian adds.

“We’ll train together to crank up these areas of your life and crank up the volume on these five aspects. And the result of the combination of these emotional drivers is on-demand flow states, push-button accessible, almost automatic, like breathing. If you’re interested in this, apply for Zero To Dangerous now.

If it’s a good fit, great. We’d love to flow with you and see how we can help you unlock sustained peak performance,” Rian finishes the ad with.

Zero To Dangerous has three main elements to help you hit your goals. First, there’s daily content and exercises. Learn and execute. Second, there’s intimate PhD level coaching. Get guidance and accountability from experts. Third, there’s lifetime group coaching and community.

Enjoy round the clock support and feedback. In the end, you’ll gain clarity, adaptability, five hundred percent increases in productivity, on-demand access to flow states, and more space in your life.

Flow Research Collective has used their methodology with twenty-five thousand clients and taught it to two hundred and fifty thousand students already. They have testimonials from the likes of Bill Clinton, Michael Dell, Arianna Huffington, Peter Diamandis, and more.

How much money does Zero To Dangerous cost? According to one Reddit user who booked an application call, the price is five grand. Expensive? Sure, but if I could have one business super power today, it would be exactly what these guys are teaching.

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