Mindvalley’s Indistractable Masterclass Review

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Another Mindvalley masterclass is being offered for sale by Vishen Lakhiani. This one goes by the name of “Indescribable.” Expert in habit formation and concentration development, Nir Eyal, is the masterclass host.

Learn how to stay focused and productive in the midst of chaos, no matter how hectic your life becomes with this hands-on lecture. In order to get the whole experience, a seventy-minute version is offered for free with the option to upgrade to a paid version if you think the value is there.

There is a fee of $400. The annual Mindvalley subscription, which costs $500 per year, gives you access to all of Mindvalley’s masterclasses, alternatively. If it were me, the $500 yearly for everything is a no brainer. Why spend $400 for one, when I could spend $500 for all?


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Vishen is currently promoting this with a new YouTube ad. In the ad, he shows footage of his calendar. Each day is divided into a series of vibrant boxes that allot time for specific activities.“I don’t really have a to-do list,” Vishen clarifies. “This is how I operate my life. It’s a complex calendar, but it shows what I do on any given day.

Most people look at that calendar and they think that I am crazy busy.”

“I’m actually not,” he adds. “I’m crazy optimized. But one of the most unique things about how I work is I don’t have a to-do list. Absolutely zero. There is no set of to-do items I even think about. And it turns out that science actually says this is a far more effective way to operate your life if you’re playing at a big level.

You do not need a to-do list. Rather, what you need is an optimized calendar.”

It’s because of Mindvalley’s current focus on attention that Vishen feels the need to share this with you. Specifically a concept called indistractibility, coined by best-selling author Nir Eyal.

You’ll learn why you should throw away your to-do list when Vishen brings him in for a lesson.

Replace it with Vishen’s Google Calendar if you want something even more opulent.

“These ideas in this masterclass will probably save you two to three hours a week,” Vishen continues. “And this masterclass will deliver instant results. Check it out. Nir Eyal is an incredible teacher all of us need to be learning from.” With that, the YouTube advertisement concludes.

Vishen instructs you to follow the link, navigate the Indistractable registration page, complete your registration information, and attend.

In an overview video, Nir states, “There is no part of your life that doesn’t depend on your ability to focus your attention in order to do whatever it is you want to do; rather than having all kinds of outside influences manipulate your time and attention.

I wrote the book Indistractable because I struggle with distraction in my own life. I decided if I could have any superpower, I would want the power to be indistractable.”

This masterclass promises to teach you how to become indistractable, starting with those pesky internal triggers that lead you astray; how to carve out time for traction in your life; how to render your phone incapable of distracting you in less than thirty seconds; how to hack back all those external triggers; and, finally, how to avoid distraction through the use of pacts. There’s always the option of reading Nir’s book and getting the same knowledge at a substantially lower cost.

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