Mike & Gino Fully Managed Ecommerce Review

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CEO of Fully Managed Agencies, Mike Matuz, partnered with Gino Fracchiolla to create Fully Managed Ecommerce

“We can find you an already cash flow-producing store, from ten to a hundred K a month, in the next thirty days, if you’re a serious investor,” Mike says. “Where we will purchase the store for you absolutely free. And so why are we doing this? It’s really simple.”

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Mike and Gino target ecommerce store owners who have established stores but want out. They found with the right price, you can buy these stores off of the owners. So what do they mean by fully managed? Well, you act as an investor and Mike and Gino will manage the store for you. That includes: inventory, marketing, ads, order fulfillment, customer service, everything.

“Hence the name, Fully Managed Agencies,” Gino says. “A to Z, one hundred percent turnkey. It’s a win, win, and win. Because we don’t want sellers like this to go to ecommerce exchange sites and have them mark it up sixty, seventy, even eighty percent.

Because you buy it from those guys and you’re doing so at an extreme markup. Okay, we’re not business brokers. We’re agency owners. That manage investor assets for people just like you.”

A case study they shared was of a friend who purchased a store for 100k. At its highest point, the business was generating 30k per month. So he buys it, but shortly after the sales kept dropping until he was only generating a few thousand dollars per month in revenue.

This is the type of store Mike and Gino want you to buy. It has the potential, but it needs saving. All you have to do is invest, and they’ll take care of everything else in order to get the store back on track. Apparently, that store was actually purchased by an investor and Mike and Gino got it back to 10k a day in sales after just twenty days.

“Look, a lot of people are good at certain things,” Mike says. “Running a business or running ads may not be one of ’em, so, these stores have been teed up to bring in professional marketers, professional investors, and serious investors such as yourself, that wanna take this to the next level, okay?

These things sell for a multiple on cash flow. They’re not like automation stores where essentially they get banned and they’re almost worth nothing.”

Mike and Gino want to spread the word about this underrated market. There’s big potential here, seeing that the internet is not going anywhere. It’s worth investing in.

It’s legit, everything is accredited. They also have one heck of a guarantee. If they can’t find you a store within your set parameters in a month, they’ll give you one at no cost. I do have to wonder, if the store is free where are they making their money? What’s in it for them?

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