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Do you want to be a millionaire? If yes, eCommerce might be your long-awaited break. To find out how, multimillion Ecom brands owner, Gretta Rose Van Riel, shares the secret behind the success of SkinnyMe Tea, Drop Bottle, The 5th Watches, and Skintox.

Can you believe that Gretta’s success can be duplicated with just a ten-step program? Unreal, right? But she says otherwise. Every invention, innovation, and even alteration starts from an idea, so does a business. Tread lightly, though, your goal here is to profit, so before anything consider lining your idea with the interest and needs of the market.

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As tedious as it may be, the next step is tons of research on your idea. You don’t want to walk in the dark with your product. But don’t worry, tools such as Google Trends, SimilarWeb, Amazon, and Etsy have your back. With the help of these tools, you’ll immediately know if your idea is of the  current in-demand products in the market. It also wouldn’t hurt to get feedback from your prospective buyers. From there, proceed to step three, building your edge. Take all the data, analyze them, then start building your brand’s own unique identity.

Your identity will help you in standing out from your competitors. Carefully plan your brand’s design, time, function, and price.

Fourth, her guide is getting to know your target market. Who are these people? What are their problems? How long has it existed? And what were their previous failed solutions? Then after this, move on to step five, building your leads and growing your audience.

It’s critical that you begin this process right away to begin receiving sales as soon as your product is released. When it comes to weakening risk, you’re doing both simultaneously.

Remember, as you are building an eCom trade, it is vital for you to have an online presence and know where your prospects usually go online. For Gretta, she found her people on Instagram, but if your target market is mothers who stay at home, you might spot them on sites like Pinterest, while teenagers often hang out on TikTok. 

Believe me, self-advertising goes a long way, but just to throw an extra mile to success, partner up with an influencer. Identifying a manufacturer is the sixth step in Gretta’s guide. You can start with your immediate neighborhood: faster turnaround times and better quality. Alternatively, you can broaden your search to include the entire world. For example, Cheaper, but not without quality and delay concerns.

As old-school as it sounds, creating an email waiting list for interested clients is as important as building your social media presence; the reason why it is the seventh step to your journey is that it helps you connect with more prospects. Hyping out the crowd with incentives and a sense of anticipation can create a more impactful launch day.

With all the data gathering on your product and customers done, what is still missing? Step number eight is what you need next. Now, it’s time to set up your shop! As it’s an eCommerce brand, the online world is the place to be. It is easier to start introducing your products to the market using Shopify or other online shopping platforms.

Of course, after hitting the ground, it is vital to start building your product’s name and reputation. Free advertisements are encouraged, but it is also crucial to invest in buying social media ads on  Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Google ads, influencers, and other frequently used platforms.This is the ninth step.

Also, don’t forget about email marketing, either. As per Gretta’s experience, around 30% percent of her eCom profits were produced from the emails she sends out. In the tenth step, you’re ready to open your shop! You’ll need to start soliciting feedback. Prepare your product for micro-influencers to post about it. Then hit send on your email campaign. Then from there, let the magic happen.

‘Start And Scale’ is a new e-commerce course developed in collaboration between Gretta Van Riel and Foundr Magazine. A year to complete the steps and a refund, if you aren’t satisfied with the results, are included in the package. Ninety-seven dollars or three payments of three-ninety-seven is the cost of Start and Scale.

I’ll ask again, do you want to be a millionaire? If yes, what are you waiting for? Avail this awesome woman’s eCom training program! Let Gretta’s tested knowledge guide you to your multimillion trade. Let’s all profit and prosper!

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