Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero Review

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Back in the day, Robby Blanchard went from owning a CrossFit gym to becoming a master in affiliate marketing to selling the American dream. His Commission Hero course promises to teach you how to consistently make $1,000 in a day online.

He’s simple 3-step program shows you how to make money online while you’re catching zzzz’s, going through the check-out line at the Piggly Wiggly, and even while you’re knocking a few back with your buddies.


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Every time I see Robby Blanchard on the internet, I get a little bit irritated. He embodies everything that makes online marketers and, of course, salesmen appear to be inept. “The World’s #1 ClickBank Affiliate,” is what he likes to call himself. 

The thing is that he hasn’t really done any actual affiliate marketing since he started selling his course, Commission Hero.  On top of that, he pulls numbers from his course to show prospects how easy it is for him to make money with affiliate marketing

Sometimes it can feel like He’s talking down to you…  “You can be successful too, guys. The reason why, guys, is because I’ve made everything inside Commission Hero easy to follow, and you can go at your own pace. It doesn’t even matter if you can speak English, guys.” He probably thinks that you guys are all stupid.

The overall presentation to Commission Hero is based on a single big income promise. But before the FTC comes knocking, he has millions of super affiliates to sell. If he mention the word “guys” enough, he might be able to persuade them to set him free, so long as he tells them that he’s the world’s #1 ClickBank Affiliate.


According to Robby’s calculations, Commission Hero is worth $23,670. But if you buy now, it won’t cost you nearly as much. That’s right. Robby promises us that Commission Hero is only $997 today. You can also do two installments of $597, each 30 days apart. So it’s a great deal considering that you are almost guaranteed at least $1k per day (or more) within a matter of days.

Still undecided? Well don’t worry one bit, Robby’s fake policy for refunds will protect you. This means that you have 14 days to refund your purchase, provided you did not access any training. Wait, what? So how can you tell if it is good or not? Imagine you buy a shirt in a mall, and they say, “Yep, it can be returned, but only if it has never been touched, looked at, or worn.”

Robby Blanchard makes a fortune marketing Commission Hero to needy people who see him to be kinda pie-in-th-sky. However, the elation is just too much for them to handle. They take a chance and roll the dice, and Robby deposits more and more check in his bank account. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind Robby selling his course… but could he do it without all the hype? 

However, I continue to believe the marketing strategy is crazy. You can use Facebook advertisements to advertise junk products thanks to ClickBank. You will almost certainly be blacklisted as a result of this. So, let’s be honest, a lot of these are going to push the Commission Hero. On so many levels, it’s crazy.

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