OCS Method Accelerator Review (Chris Evans)

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The Intelligent Advertisers Chris Evans and Taylor Welch are back with yet another incredible opportunity to make money online. YouTube. But it’s not what you think. You don’t need to be a creator. Or buy other people’s channels.

Or even outsource the whole thing. Nope, thanks to a little-known algorithm update just released by YouTube, you can apply their OCS Method to make thousands of dollars a month, working just a few hours a day, in less than a month’s time.

Skeptical? Same. But let’s hear them out. Read on for my OCS Method Accelerator review.


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You don’t need to become internet famous in order to take advantage of this. Nor must you dance around like a buffoon for entertainment. Or use cringey surprised-face thumbnails and clickbait-y headlines. Or hire an expensive video editor.

Or constantly ruin your day by reading nasty comments. Thanks to this loophole, you don’t have to make a single video. Or build a following at all, for that matter. You hardly even have to be by your computer. Zero startup costs. And you don’t need any prior experience or qualifications.

“And for the first time in history, total beginners who have never made a penny online now have the once in a lifetime opportunity to make thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars a month on YouTube, without starting a channel,” Chris says. “It’s already happening.

Over four hundred and twelve people have now used my secret OCS Method, with the plug-and-play system I’m going to give you in a sec, to make an extra two grand or more in their first twenty-eight days.”

And there’s no cap on how much money you can make. Some students are doing tens of thousands a month already, thanks to this YouTube system. So if you’re serious about making money online, this is the day you’ve been waiting for. Okay, so what is it?

After a lot of buildup, Chris finally spills the beans: what you’ll be doing is running YouTube ads for course creators. You can charge two grand a month, maybe more. Sometimes you can even structure a deal to where you have upside. Go on, I’m listening.

You won’t need to create the ads yourself. Chris has copy and paste templates already proven to work. The Optimal Cost Scaling (OCS) strategy he developed running campaigns for offers like Inbound Closer, will be the ace up your sleeve.

“If you can help a course creator spend one dollar on YouTube ads and make even two dollars back, they no longer have an advertising budget,” Chris explains. “They can literally scale their ads to the next freaking galaxy, spend millions of dollars on YouTube, and predictably double their money for months (or even years) on end.”

Onto the offer. The OCS Method Accelerator For YouTube Advertising Specialists is “the easiest way for beginners like you to start making boatloads of cheddar on the internet.” It comes with click-by-click video demonstrations, daily action steps, weekly milestones to keep you accountable, and personal coaching from Chris Evans himself. How much does it cost?

Just ninety-seven bucks. Chris promises there is no catch. Worst case, maybe they offer you an upsell or two after your initial purchase. Not a big deal. You can always say no.

Honestly? I like it. The demand is there, and it’s only going to go up. Think how many new courses and coaching programs will be launching in the next year or two. And will they be willing to pay someone to multiply their money with YouTube ads? Absolutely.

So I think it’s definitely something you could do and make money with. I’d want to know more about how you reach out to these people and get them to say yes. I’d like to see more actual examples of YouTube ads that have worked well for Chris and Taylor. But I imagine all that’s covered in the OCS course.

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