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I guess it’s safe to say that Jamie Davidson has a lot of knowledge when it comes to Amazon.

Why? He is one of the top 100 sellers on the platform!

This is why experts who dish out the same awful advice to everyone who will pay them irritate him, and he finds it annoying.

Or when they promise to assist you in selecting an ideal product that can help your business, but all they’re going to do is depend on computer algorithms to produce reasonable estimates. Once a product is posted, there is no proven strategy for generating traffic and sales

According to Jamie, if you’re running down this path, expect your business to fail in half a year. I know you wouldn’t want that to happen. Who would, right?


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Jamie Davidson is the public face of AMZ Insiders. Due to their determination and hard work on Amazon, he and his two business partners now produce more than $100 million in revenue every year. 

He already achieved that; you surely can! He is very excited to share his secret and allow you to earn your first million dollars on Amazon.

He claims that “You don’t need ten products to be successful. 

You literally just need one product to be successful. We just launched a brand new product in a category we’ve never done before, and it’s our most profitable product we’ve ever done.” 

He predicts that the product will generate seven figures in sales in its first year on the market. With enough work and consistency, you can accomplish a great deal in scaling your business quickly

One of their most effective methods is to boost sales in the United States before concentrating on growth internationally.

Pick a country, any one at all, anywhere. They do have a Chrome extension that they use to help find the products that are their biggest hitters. 

One excellent product can already make a difference; that’s why there’s no need to create a lot of them. Just need one product to have the life you’ve been wanting.

What exactly do you think you’ll get when you join AMZ Insiders? You can get everything; in short, because Jamie and his colleagues are already experts in the said field and have learned to make hundreds of millions of dollars in Amazon sales.

Everything is broken down into simple, step-by-step instructional videos for you to understand easily and clearly. You won’t really find any fluff here. Jump in, learn, implement and work toward your goals. 

The first topic that would be covered addresses your mindset and productivity. And for good reason because without that foundation you’ll be drowning in entrepreneurship.

Then, you’ll have to choose a great product that will help you become successful. You must know how to research, figure out  which technologies provide you an unfair edge and how they choose an ideal item for their business model.

In addition, there is a part in the training on how to posture your company for success. This includes fundamental things like how to structure a business to handle future growth, sourcing practices, connecting with suppliers and how to find the good ones and everything in between.

Branding is certainly another big one. If you do this correctly, you could set yourself up for a sweet buyout in the future. Also, how to rank your listings is incredibly helpful on Amazon.

It’s for stuff like this that so many AMZ Insiders visit them. They boast staggering sales figures because of their ability to move product as quickly as they do.

There’s an advertising component. Be honest with yourself, do you think people are actively looking to buy on Amazon? I could think of at least 10 close to me that shop on Amazon weekly, or at least monthly. But in order for them to buy from your store you have to make sure your products are visible to them!

Now the quickest way to make sure you get in front of enough people is to use PPC (pay-per-click advertising), which you’ll be introduced to as well.

Finally, but definitely not least, there are the Amazon review secrets to be discovered. How to make sure you’re getting enough positive reviews on your listings while also being compliant with Amazon’s TOS.

Lifetime access to the most up-to-date information. In addition, they give you their real life case studies of their own product launches along with their personal suggestions on tools and software you should be using.

They also provide you with training on building your business so it can be sold. 

There’s also a private support group on Facebook, and Q&A calls accessible for those in need. These are extremely common in the online course industry and nothing that makes this program stand out. 

I haven’t been able to nail down the exact cost of AMZ Insiders so if it’s something that you’re really looking for, your best bet is probably to hop on an actual coaching call with them. I’ve got nothing remotely negative to say about these guys or their product. Appears to be pretty solid from what I can tell.

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