Tim Jooste & Travis Ventrella (Market BLDRS) Review

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Timothy Joosete and his friend Travis Ventrella are the two guy behind that Market Builders Company you may have seen around. Currently they’re running what they call a 3 days crush it challenge with marketplace.

“Market BLDRS was started with one really simple idea,” Tim says. “We believe that good-hearted people that want to change the world around them, not just ball out of control, but actually wanna do something real in this world, should have a lot more money.

In fact, we really believe good people should be the richest people on the planet.”


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“I believe the Bible says that,” Tim continues, “and I believe that’s necessary in this time. I think we can all agree when we look around us the world’s in a crazy state.

Things seem to be getting crazier. And there’s a lot of people with a lot of money either doing nothing or actually working against the average man and holding them back, and so it is just simply time that we rise up, we go after the wealth that is given to us and entrusted to us by God our father, and we see the world change.”

It’s pretty clear that Travis and Tim have been fortunate enough to be blessed by God over the years. He’s shown them not only how to make money, not just the tools you’ll also get access to, but the principles that are necessary for success as well.

You’ll get uncut action of things like their mindsets, attitudes, and even daily disciplines. These are the things winners have in every industry. In my opinion, you can have every tool that everyone else has…but the truth is it’s the person who makes a business thrive or die.

Market BLDRS is not for everyone,” Travis says, “but for those of you who it is for, you will know instantly, ‘This is what I’ve been looking for. This is the family, the environment, the community, the army, really, that I’ve been wanting to join that is focused on becoming better people, making a ton of money, but for a greater purpose: to change the world around them.’

So Tim and I are excited to invite you to this three-day Crush It With Marketplace Challenge where we’re gonna pull back the curtain and show you how to produce income online with this simple method.”


A quick search online will show you that they’ve helped hundreds of others do the same. “In fact, we just finished one of these challenges where one of the guys, he made thirty thousand dollars two months in a row, absolutely crushed it, following the same strategy we teach.

And so we wanted to do another challenge, especially in the midst of Covid and everything happening in the world, where we show you how to do this all from your smartphone, so you’re gonna wanna come ready to learn, ready to earn, and we’re excited to have you join us on this journey,” Travis says.

That all sounds great, but what is it that you’ll be actually doing? That’s kind of important too right? What Tim and Travis teach you to do is basically using Facebook Marketplace to start up your own little ecom side hustle. They say you only need your phone and can do this from literally anywhere that has an internet connection.

The first day of their 3 day challenge shows you how to take advantage of their ecom method. It’s pretty simple in my opinion. The second day is them showing you how to crush it with results from the get-go. On the third day, they’ll show their step-by-step blueprint. It’s the same one they’ve personally used to crush it in FB Marketplace. Not to mention the countless others that have had success with it.

Are there bonuses?

Would they really be caring about you if there weren’t any?

Travis and Tim give you 3 bonuses. The first is their list of hottest selling products. The second bonus is a case study with one of their members named Andrew, who apparently, makes “big boy revenue”. Lastly, they’ll give you access to their private facebook group called Market BLDRS. This is pretty common in the coaching space today.

So what’s it gonna cost you?

Well in theory you can get started for free. But they offer a $7 experience package you can upgrade to. This package will give you access to all of their previous calls and recordings.

If I were a betting man, I’d say there are likely more upsells after you get in.

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