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Author and marketing consultant, Brian Kurtz, believes that copy is the least important component of the product or service you offer.

Well kinda…it is until it isn’t. Copy comes into play once you have the necessary lists of people to market to and your offer is tailored to their preferences.

Then your messaging may be able to propel you to a higher degree of success. Brian has earned important knowledge working with some of the top copywriters in the industry over the course of his fifty-year professional career. Despite all that experience, Brian still doesn’t call himself a copywriter.

He identified the seven criteria that all successful copywriters had in common. Continue reading to see my summarization of each trait.


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Copywriting is not a skill that can be learned on the job. It is a highly specialized topic of study. Despite the fact that you are a decent writer in the first place, you cannot simply go out and do it. Although you may have heard that mastering a complex ability required ten thousand hours of intense effort, Brian believes that the number is more likely to be fifteen thousand.

When he looked into the minds of all of the best copywriters, the first thing he noticed was that they all seemed to have one thing in common: a strong desire to pursue it, to put in the effort, and to improve over time.

The second was a burning desire to learn more. A fantastic piece of copy is the result of a colossal amount of effort and investigation. Something you will never be able to complete unless you have an insatiable interest in it. Third, there are feedback loops to consider. Employees at the highest level of the organization with whom you can share your ideas and ask opinions.

What exactly was the ambiguity? What exactly was left out? What was it that was redundant? Fourth, there is a burning desire. If you are enthusiastic about the topic matter on which you are writing, it will make a significant impact in your writing.

The fifth prerequisite is a working knowledge of direct marketing strategies. RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value). Continuity of value across time. In addition, the rules of forty-one, thirty-nine, and twenty are in play here. Lists account for around 41 percent of the total number of outcomes when looking at the big picture. With 39 percent of the vote, the offer is in second place.

Copying comes in a distant third place, accounting for 20% of all copying. Humility is the sixth characteristic that distinguishes excellent copywriters. Keeping a positive mindset that is constantly evolving.

Your work would fall under the seventh and final category, for lack of a better designation. Everything you’ve accomplished thus far is remarkable. Both the winners and losers were present. With consideration given to the reasons why some pieces performed better than others. Brian places this last since it will only become visible in your copy if the preceding six have been placed correctly.

Besides that, he observes that some of your best work is frequently discovered on the cutting room floor. Bits and pieces that you determined were unusable for whatever reason.

In order to be successful as a copywriter in partnership with a client, you must be completely devoted to the partnership. Can you bring yourself to give up days at a time interviewing your client in order to have a better understanding of their product?

Are you keeping track of customer service calls? Have you met with marketers, media buyers, and sales people, in addition to everyone else who is involved? Do you go the additional mile to find ideas that you might have otherwise overlooked?

Because it is the only way to get from good to remarkable performance levels. In order to obtain conversion increases of one hundred, two hundred, or three hundred percent, the following steps must be taken: Make use of your newly acquired knowledge to improve your copywriting abilities or locate a more qualified copywriter to hire. Alternatively, you might become a member of Brian’s mastermind, which is teeming with them.

Perhaps he can put you in touch with someone who possesses the seven characteristics of copywriting that he has just shared with you. Perhaps someone who has written multiple articles for your industry will be a good fit.

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