Jim Kwik’s Super Reading Masterclass Review

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Reading is the fountain of youth our mind needs. Like an elixir of life, it makes you have stronger thinking and transcend internal constraints. It makes you a superior being that can lead its own life.

We all know how vital it is, but it’s also not a simple routine you may prioritise at any moment. There are a lot of tasks we need to attend to in a day that make concentrating on a book look difficult. Don’t worry, as Jim Kwik will help you real quick!

Do you wish to record, save, and store what you read without losing it in deep oblivion? Super Reading is the appropriate workshop for you! Jim with Mindvalley collaborated for folks like you so continue reading for the review.


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The brand focuses on teaching the way for effective speed reading. On the YouTube ad, Mindvalley leads a 15 minutes free study session. They give a brief background on the science behind the fastest way of reading while still digesting the content and the particular techniques.

The video will also instruct you on entering the actual Super Reading masterclass that costs $349. There is another option for payment like $129 monthly installments or $499 yearly membership that gives bonuses. You will have the privilege to access more video courses of Super Reading and Mindvalley. 

“Imagine if you could read and understand one book a week; fifty-two books a year,” Jim says. “Imagine if you could retain everything that you read.

Imagine if you had energy and focus while you read. Imagine the confidence you would have to be able to build your business learning from people who are experts in their field, in any category, who wrote a book.”

The training will enable you to read between the lines in just a blink of an eye. It allows you to strengthen your cognitive processes while enjoying the reading material. In the 10 minutes 21 days program, you can anticipate having your present reading speed three times. 

Stop the stigma that a slow reader can’t change when you haven’t tried. Enough with insulting your intellectual capacity. You never know; maybe you need a push to discover your potential.

“We’re gonna take you through a very simple, easy, and fun process to build the new you,” Jim adds. “We know all behavior is belief-driven. And here’s the truth: there is no such thing as a good or bad reader; there’s just a trained reader and an untrained reader.

The problem? Most of us haven’t had the training since elementary school. And that’s not sufficient to get us through the world we live in today.”

This masterclass pays special attention to what you should focus on and wake those skills that are just beneath you. It aims to help you recognize your hidden potential. Super Reading is here to help you recall, modify, adjust, and enhance your reading skills and turn you to an expert learner.

The study course increases your success in achieving learning goals, boosts the skills that preserve the context in your mind for a long time, and reduces mistakes in life.  

Some say that this is the best masterclass Mindvalley has. It is not time-consuming. You’ll be able to spend less time reading and more time studying. There are ten days of freemium that you can try to help you decide if this is a good course.   

Jim Kwik did a great job in this brand, and it is worth the money people spend on it. It’s not those sham courses that will only fascinate you with fluff

However, Mindvalley can’t be trusted as it has been tested and there is still a chance that they will work under the table, which can later ruin the whole program.

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