Mindvalley’s 10X Fitness Review

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Mindvalley has been promoting their new 10x Fitness program and their Youtube ads are all over!  You may not know but Vishen Lakhiani is a walking masterclass in every subject. To promote their new 10x Fitness program taught by Lorenzo Delano and Ronan Diego de Oliveira, Mindvalley has started launching YouTube advertisements.

Superhero body for only thirty minutes of exercise per week is the promise, one ad shows a proof through Vishen’s dad who gained back 75% of his leg strength in just a month.

Sounds too good right? Read on to find out more.


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In front of the mirror on his fortieth birthday, Vishen looked himself in the eyes. He was embarrassed by what he had seen, it had been utterly ignoring his physical well-being. Despite this, he exercised for an average of two hours each week, just like most Americans,  tried diet after diet without success. None of it seemed to be effective. “But, hey, maybe I should simply accept it,” he reasoned. He was, after all, a very busy CEO. I’m just getting over a divorce. I have two children to care about. He couldn’t possibly have a dad bod, could he?

It is possible to replicate someone’s body right? That happened to Vishen when he met Lorenzo, the transformation chief of Mindvalley. Vishen couldn’t help but take notice of his impressive physique. When asked about his secret, Lorenzo responds by saying that. “I only work out for thirty minutes once a week,”.

Unbelievable! That is what Vishen came to think when Lorenzo showed him before and after photos shot over three years. So Vishen jumped on board, followed Lorenzo’s instructions, and reduced over 2% of his body fat in one month.

Thinner and stronger, that’s the new image of Vishen  despite spending significantly less time in the gym a year and a half later and the results lasted. It only took him 30 minutes of workouts every week, those types of workouts you can do anywhere. 

So what’s the secret? It is just the collection of scientific discoveries they combine to form The 10x Fitness Program. Vishen requested the services of another Mindvalley employee, Brazilian Ronan Oliveira, to host the workouts.

Incredibly Lorenzo and Ronan have perfected these routines to the point where you get 10x the results for every minute you spend training. Vishen believes that 10x is one of the most effective things you can do for yourself, regardless of age or gender.

If you’re less than 30 years old, when you follow the protocol, you can achieve a 26% increase in strength; 30-50 year olds can have an increase of 50% and even greater increase for those over fifty. This is all according to their study of their enrollees.

So, after years of research, hundreds of beta testers, and thousands of hours of fine-tuning, 10x is finally ready for release to the public. Transform your body in just thirty minutes every week. 10x Fitness costs $399 for a one-time price of $149 per month in three installments. Or you may get the Mindvalley Membership for $499 per year and gain access to all of the Mindvalley methods, courses, and masterclasses.

I’m so curious about what they eat to hyper metabolize the body and gain so much strength in just half an hour of active calorie burning. Did I just catch marketing bait? 

I’m sure they mean well and have good training and support, but come on. Are you learning the contents of a book by touching it? Getting shredded in two fifteen-minute exercises per week, no matter what diet you follow? 

That’s just unbelievable, if it’s true the obesity rate would experience a big drop..

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