Chance Welton On The Death Of Malls

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If you’re looking for some entertainment from when watching ads, then Chance Anthony Welton is the King of Comedy. 

You can see him from the great outdoors with the tattered Patagonia cap and manly beard and he looks like he just went toe-to-toe with a Grizzly. But then, out of nowhere, he turns the topic to shopping malls

He wants you to visualize king kong dollar signs every time that you drive past one that’s abandoned or empty.


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The upheaval of mall closures has given rise to business opportunities that only come by once in a blue moon. You now have the opportunity to create a simple stream of income that will allow you to achieve financial independence. Retail establishments and malls are shutting down all across the United States. It’s depressing as hell, but underneath all the doom and gloom is a goldmine just waiting to be tapped. 

Few individuals are aware of this. However, it is unrelated to Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing, or MLM. Over $475 billion will be generated by this little-known yet extremely lucrative business. You’re gonna  witness decades of growth in a matter of months. It’s not difficult to figure out what it is. You use digital malls to send online traffic. Over the last 5 years, Chance has virtually perfected the art. 

“We set up these simple internet ads for both large and small businesses to get traffic to their online malls and get paid like clockwork every month from it,” Chance adds. And they will gladly pay you to keep the money rolling in. 

In fact, a student in their Modern Millionaire program earns $3500 per month by running a simple Instagram ad that generates $44,000 in revenue for his client.

Today, Chance and Abdul make millions hand over fist, and they did it all by running online ads for these “digital malls”.   “These online malls need someone who can help them bring in online traffic because when you help an online mall bring in customers and tens of thousands of dollars worth of sales each month? They will happily pay you two, three, four, even five grand or more for your effort.”

It’s so simple that even a 5th grader could do it.  And reaching $10k per month is a cakewalk once you start landing clients.  Modern Millionaires has an easy to understand process: 

  • Choose your funnel template
  • Write your ad
  • Make any change if necessary
  • Launch your campaign

Then it’s just a matter of time before you start cashing checks

Then you can get out and do some mountain climbing, surfing, skiing, rollerblading… whatever you want to do.  The best part is that you can run your business from your smartphone. 

And the program is custom-tailored for the regular Joe.  You don’t need to be Mark Zuckerberg reincarnated to do this business.  Nope, they’ll show you the exact blueprint along with the tools and software they use in order to get you up and running fast.  

But what about the cost?

Well, it’s certainly going to cost you to run ads on Instagram, Google and Facebook… but in addition to that, you’ll need to fork over $7,000 to get into the program.  But the course pays for itself after you land your first couple of clients.  

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