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It’s common for money-making gurus to flex their luxurious stuff, like Tom Wang. You’ll undoubtedly notice his fancy watch. I’m not familiar with the brand, but I’m pretty sure it’s an expensive one. 

He’s displaying it on his YouTube advertisement over and over. So, it must be that good. Let’s see if his program works! Or if he’s not using such stuff to captivate your multimillionaire aspirations! 

I also give my two cents about His Master FBA program, plus the costs you have to prepare if you want in. But before anything, see to it that Tom’s program is what you’ve been looking for. The decision is all yours; I’m only here to help you out. So, shall we start? 

Alright, let’s proceed with Tom…


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As the YouTube Advertainment rolls, Tom claims he’s already made $3,000 in Amazon sales before midday on that day. He brings out his laptop and logs into his Amazon backend; he has, in fact, earned almost 28,000 in sales. But hey, that was from November 2020. That ad is a little out of date.

In the prior month of that year, he earned little under $300,000! 

I’d like to believe in him, for the reason that he clarifies that it’s not a 100% income. Typically, he only keeps 35% of that profit. But if we calculate it, he typically reaches a million or so in a year. 

“Pretty amazing, right?” he says. “This is the everyday life for me, as well as a lot of Amazon FBA sellers.

By the time I roll out of bed, a few hundred dollars has been deposited into my bank account.”

“I get up, I go to kickboxing class, I walk my dog, and by dinner time, another few hundred dollars has been added to my bank account,” he continues. “Even though the money is good, the best part of this is that you get your time back.

Just imagine what life would be like if you got paid every morning while you’re still in bed. And throughout the entire day, no matter what you’re doing, you could be eating, watching a movie, or even fighting with your spouse (odd thing to say), and you will still get paid.”


“No clocking in, no manager telling you what to do, nobody to get back to, no meetings to join either. To make a living, it’s just you, the computer, and your Amazon business.”

According to Tom, there’s a lot of front-loaded work with Amazon FBA. But afterward, you’ll be a hands-off manager.  

90% of the work will be done by the time you launch the business. And if this product is a success, you could earn money passively in the years ahead. 

As for the front-end work, it isn’t all that difficult. Compared to, for example, an accounting career? Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a lot less complicated. Then, he isn’t here to sway your decision. It should be self-evident that Amazon will maintain its position as the world’s largest retailer. Everybody uses, right?

They’ll use it even more in the future, no doubt about it. With Tom’s assistance, you too can obtain a piece of that lucrative business. He’s already helped a wide range of people who used to struggle with their careers. 

Tom then encourages you to click the link and sign up for his free-of-charge training! That’s where the advertisement ends. And though, he doesn’t cover any details about Master FBA. He’ll certainly pitch it at the end of the free course. Do you want to know the price? Brace yourself! It’s $9,995. Talk about something that’ll make your butt pucker…

If you want to start this business, you’ll need a lot more money than you think. In my opinion? Tom is fine with me. His advertisement struck me, though. I thought it was a fair & square deal. He could have at least said that his results are not guaranteed instead of luring you over to a pricey program. That’s just my intake. I have nothing against it. I just personally don’t prefer this model. 

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