Rob Anderson’s Audiobook Masters Course Review

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Do you want to earn passive income publishing audiobooks?

Rob Anderson can show you how to do it on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes

He’s been doing it himself and receiving $10,000-$15,000 every month. Pure profit!

And he’s not the only one. His students are on the winning side of the equation, as well. 

Taking pleasure in royalties that flow in without doing anything with them, audiobooks have the potential to generate significant revenue. 

How about Rob? Can you trust this guy? 

Check out the rest of my review for my thoughts on Audiobook Masters!


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The fact that you don’t have to write or narrate the audiobooks is the most appealing aspect of audiobook publishing, according to Rob. You don’t need any special talents or expertise to complete it. You may do this from the comfort of your own home or while traveling across the globe.

There is no inventory available. There is no customer service. There won’t be much promotion since Audible, Amazon, iTunes, and other similar services already have zillions of people on their applications and websites looking for new audiobooks to listen to. It is not saturated. Furthermore, it duplicates.

Rob was an EMT in an ambulance five years ago, and he has since retired. Early mornings, hard hours, little pay, and insane patients drove him to the internet in search of a way out of the rat race. He found one.

Speaking about rats, one of the patients he treated as an EMT had his foot completely chewed away by a rat! The man’s diabetes had gotten so out of hand that he had lost sensation in his lower limbs and didn’t even realize it. You don’t have to thank me for the visual. 

Back to Rob, he found audiobook publishing after seeing some success selling physical things on Amazon. His initial effort netted him a few hundred bucks each month. His subsequent attempts were a complete failure. He was well aware that he had been fortunate on the first try.

As a result, he started researching, reverse-engineering, testing, and modifying his methods. He finally cracked the code after years of slogging in the trenches. Rob is now able to produce winners on demand. He now has 83 audiobooks, which generate more than six figures in revenue each year.

What kind of niches should you pursue? Rob’s interests include business, weight reduction, psychology, and everything related to self-help. Once you’ve chosen a theme, do some research and read reviews of existing audiobooks that are available in that genre. Determine what your audience wants and does not want, and then structure your content appropriately.

To ensure that the audiobook is written, narrated, and designed professionally, choose competent experts with established track records to do the work. It is essential to have crystal clear audio. When the audiobook is finished, publish it as a paperback book as well to maximize the amount of money you get from the project. Optimize each and every listing.

Everything is excellent. The fact that Rob managed to slip in a “testimonial” from Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful was the one thing that truly turned me off about his presentation. SMH. Rob. We all know that you paid for that shoutout.

Ironically, the very next words out of his lips are that he would only welcome persons with “high integrity” into his Audiobook Maters society, which is a complete contradiction. The program is likely to cost $5,000 or more, but you’ll have to schedule a phone call to know exactly. 

I have certain reservations about the business model, which I will outline below. For starters, it moves slowly. Two, it is prohibitively costly. Judging from what we see so far, you may easily spend several thousand dollars before you have a final product that may or may not sell.

Three, whether you use high-quality outsourcers or not, the individuals who are creating your audiobooks are not experts in their fields and are not enthusiastic about the subjects they are working on. 

Take it or leave it, but aren’t you generating digital trash as you go along? How many audiobooks did Rob listen to before reaching six figures? How many will you listen to before reaching six figures? 

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