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According to Adam Cherrington, he makes 250k per month using his “mechanical rule-based edge” and affiliate marketing. An impressive amount, even if he only keeps a fraction of it for his profits. Now what you’re wondering is: “can this ex-prisoner turned affiliate marketing master teach me how to make money too?”

The best way to answer that is to see what his students have to say. Let’s take Michael Der for example. Michael used to use Facebook ads for his affiliates, but was getting frustrated with Facebook’s finicky nature. He stumbled upon Adam after he started looking for new ways to generate products (other than Facebook).


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In an interview between Michael and Adam’s partner in crime Shawn Brace, Michael said “After all the courses I’ve been through, I kinda always wondered if I’d have the opportunity to represent one of these programs or mentorships, and here it is. I started working with Adam five months ago. Before that, I’d always been fascinated with affiliate marketing, digital marketing. And I went through three courses before coming across Cherrington Media.”

“Spent about seventy-five hundred dollars trying to figure it all out,” he continues. “But I always lacked that one-on-one guidance, and I knew I needed that personal mentorship. So with this, you really do get that. You get the coaching, you get experts that are in your corner, overlooking all the little intricacies that make your business run. You also get Adam’s software and his relationships with these affiliate networks so you can get approved; it makes a huge difference.”

Another student, Bryan Marine said “I’ve been working with Adam and his crew for about a year now. Before starting with the mentorship, I was a creative director for an ad agency. When I came into the program, it was different, it had different traffic sources. It laid out the framework really well, it was step-by-step and that’s what I needed. Would I recommend this to future students? Absolutely. But it is starting your own biz. It’s not get rich quick. You gotta have that willingness to learn and get after it.”

Similar to Michael Der, Seth Traub came to Adam after getting fed up with Facebook ads. Before approaching Adam, Seth had spent years trying to get his affiliate marketing business to take off as his side gig. Ultimately, Seth really was drawn in by Adam’s personality, guidance, and alternate option for traffic. Seth says that choosing Adam’s mentorship was “a life-changing decision” for him.

Personally, I’m not totally convinced about Adam. Sure, it’s great that these students have positive things to say about Adam, but the proof is in the pudding (and we haven’t seen any proof). How much are these students now earning with Adam’s methods? What are their successes? Did it take them weeks, months, or years to see results? What are the affiliate products? Show me the proof, show me the money.

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